The International Women’s Club: Still (crazy?) after all these years…

IWC Fund raising trip to Chiapas and Campeche

Well yes it is! NOT in the negative sense of the word… but yes, as in crazy-good and crazy-fun.

For me it felt like déjà vu, as I stood in front of 50 ladies at the November meeting of Merida’s IWC.  In 1984, I was the first president and 6 months pregnant with my daughter. Now, 27 years later, the club is a vital part of our international community and Maggie is just 3 weeks away from her wedding day. Crazy how quickly time passes!

For many women like me, the club has been an incredible resource…

This month, the speakers at the meeting: Brent and Stan from Remixto Catering spoke about how they use local ingredients, as well as traditional ones in their recipes. In fact Brent made a naranja agria (sour orange) pie right on the spot… a delicious alternative to lemon! A break followed with lots more animated conversation… and then a very full agenda was covered during the business part of the meeting.

One of the aims of the IWC is community service and we heard about the group’s most recent achievements.

The scholarship committee reported that:

  •  One of our club’s recipients received her MD license last week.
  • Another of the young women will complete her law degree in the next months
  • And we met a new beneficiary for the first time; she told us that she wants to honor her deceased mother by becoming a nurse and helping others.

Funding was made available to other groups of clubwomen sponsoring:                                                                                                 

  •  a neonatal vitamin program
  • the purchase of activity books for child cancer patients
  • providing a Christmas party and gifts for primary-age girls at a local shelter

We also heard success stories about:

The group also talked about upcoming social events and opportunities for cultural enrichment…  If you’d like to learn more about the IWC, visit the website… membership is open to all English-speaking women. It’s an excellent place for newcomers to meet friends and for longtime residents to keep up with all the happenings in Merida’s international community

Photos: (Left)IWC members all dressed up for the Red Cross Carnaval dance , (Right) IWC monthly meeting


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8 responses to “The International Women’s Club: Still (crazy?) after all these years…

  1. Hi Joanna, [off topic]

    To you as a writer I thought you might really appreciate this link, as it shows how much some folks really NEED to write: ~eric.,0,2389268.story

  2. Marianne

    It was most fitting that you, IWC’s first president, announced the 2012 slate of officers at this meeting. It gave new and former members alike a sense of being part of club history. And equally important, besides all the community projects we support, we’re there for each other.

  3. I’m again glad to hear about the IWC contributions. It’s important that the “joiners” amongst us have a way to help our community.

    But as a “non-joiner,” I’d like to add: There are many other ways to support the community. One of the waitresses at my regular restaurant has been able to send her two children through college, thanks to her salary and propinas. (Believe me, she earns it!) So, even if one is not a group-type, use your regular avenues, such as not being stingy on the tipping when the service is good! Or using local resources if available. I could go on and on, but I won’t, at least not now.

    • You are 100% right.Supporting regular businesses is perhaps the very best thing you can do to support this community. The local restaurants and shops are so in need of “regular” customers like you Alinde… It is a pretty pleasant way to help out… Good for you!

  4. Good work! How impressive to see the long list of accomplishments by this group.

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