AANY: Yucatecan Artisans’ and Artists’ Show

Busy doesn’t begin to describe my life right now. Getting ready for my daughter’s wedding is a full time job! But almost everything is done now, and tomorrow our out-of-town guests will begin arriving. This time, two weeks from now, we should be rolling home from the all-night reception.

This weekend, I did take time away from the mother-of-the-bride detailing, and spent four hours at the “Friends of New Artists and Artisans of Yucatan” – (AANY)  show. This officially registered non-profit group is active in finding the most innovative and creative people and presenting them to the community, at their twice annual events

Seventy different stalls featured everything from jewelry to furniture. I actually did a good bit of Christmas shopping at the fair.

I was gratified to see the women from the Santa Elena Sustainable Economic Development project doing a brisk business. They have taken complete control of their business. They do their own buying, bookkeeping and of course they make their own products. Those of us who have known Rosa and her team since the beginning are proud of their achievements. They can truly say that they have a viable business now, and the best part is… it belongs to them alone! They are venturing  into marketing and sales now,  although they do still need assistance with this. But it’s coming along, and you’ll see their sunny faces at many events from now on.

If anyone is interested in buying something from the women of this group, please get in touch with me by leaving a comment, and I’ll pass you message on.

A vendor I really enjoyed meeting Isabel Ruz, a potter who has her studio at the “Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalha.” Her work is original and of high quality. She is an interesting woman with many tales to tell.

The fabulous new red lamp you’ll see at my house was made by Bárbara Lobatón of “Arte Lobatón.”  She still has others for sale at her AANY booth.

The event is open today (Sunday) from 10am – 10 pm,  at the  CANACO – Chamber of Commerce’s Exhibition Hall,  on the corner of Calle 37 and Avenida Itzaes.

Don’t miss it!


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