Art Therapy…

This weekend at the AANY artisan fair, I ran into my friends Cherie and Greenwood. It has been some time since we had the chance to chat and so I was excited to hear their news…

They spoke about their work at Purpura Plastika. Among the many activities of this group, art therapy figures prominently. A well known and popular artist himself, Greenwood offers his time and expertise to work with troubled young people. The results are amazing!

He says that volunteering with children is most satisfying because they are so genuine. Through their art, the children openly express all their emotions.

Since 2006, Purpura Plastika has helped more than 15,000 underprivileged women and children to have a better quality of life. Cherie told me, “I’m happy to share that Purpura Plastika will have their first sale in two years!” Here is the info:

Saturday, Dec. 10th

Galeria Maya

Calle 72, # 464, 53 x 51 at 8 PM 

During this one night only, 50 paintings will be available for purchase. All profits from the sale will benefit Purpura Plastika’s work in our community.

The following photo gallery shows some of the fanciful paintings coming from several art therapy workshops and Alberto Varela, President and General Director.

This is a show you don’t want to miss!



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4 responses to “Art Therapy…

  1. Great post, Joanna! I’ve always been a fan of this type of art work, and so love the photos.
    There is something special in these works indeed.

  2. What a beautiful article. You are always on top of what’s happening and ready to lend support to good people like Cherie and Greenwood and good causes like the children’s art therapy program. Thanks.

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