“It’s Wild – More or Less”

Most people who visit Mérida are amazed by the number of cultural    events that are available… many of them, free of charge. The Institute of Culture of the Yucatan (ICY) is the state government agency that promotes culture and the arts. They offer opportunities to visual artists and craftspersons, musicians, actors, dancers, and writers who want to make their work known to the public.

As well, Maricarmen Perez, ICY’s community liaison, has been very supportive of the international community’s artistic pursuits. She and Manuel May Tilan, Director of Visual Arts, of ICY, have invited Cherie Pittillo to exhibit her extraordinary photographs during ICY’s annual Otoño Cultural.  At first Cherie was reticent, but later decided:

“When opportunity knocks, either you can ignore it or open the door.”                                                                                                

Her solo exhibition is entitled:


You are invited to the opening, to be held in the gallery adjacent and just behind Peon Contreras’ outdoor café:

Thursday, December 8th at 9:00 pm.

The exhibit will feature photographs of wildlife/nature subjects from when Cherie worked as a wildlife photographer in Africa, Australia, South and North America. Current photographs will also be included, and there are non-wildlife subjects as well.

Cherie says, “I welcome each of you to an unexpected, but appreciated event to share my vision. Your attendance will add special memories to my life. The show includes whimsy, abstracts, portraits, and brief glimpses into what I saw or felt when I clicked my camera’s shutter.  I shoot my feelings and my passion to be outdoors.”

Photos: The two wildlife photographs are by Cherie Pittillo and will be part of her show. The third picture is of Cherie with her husband Greenwood



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6 responses to ““It’s Wild – More or Less”

  1. Chuck Beaty

    I was lucky to get to the exhibition a little early. The room was packed and for good reason, Cherie’s work is wonderful and reflects a genuine sensitivity toward her subjects. I urge everyone to take the time to enjoy the gift Cherie has given us.

  2. Deanna Lagroix

    Oh, Joanna, I was away from your blog for a few days………but I must congratulate Cherie and Greenwood for their respective talents and the sharing of them. These are the times when it is difficult to have one’s heart in two places!!. I would love to be attending both presentations. Maybe there will be something in the spring when we Snowbirds can see and enjoy the photograhs and the art . Thanks for giving us a sample of their work.

  3. Cherie Pi

    Joanna, thanks for sharing your blog to inform others of this exhibition. It’s an incredible honor that ICY has bestowed upon me. I am honored and so humbled.

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