Why do I do it?

There is often so much going on in my world that I barely get enough sleep… yet I find time to write. At some point – every day, I need to sit down in front of my computer to re-read what I worked on last, and to produce (at least a little) new work.

I feel thrilled when I know that a character’s voice is right on, or when I think up a pitch-perfect metaphor. Satisfaction settles over me when someone tells me that my descriptions of places and events seem real, and they ask: ‘Did that actually happen?’ I don’t ever think that I have nothing to write about – my head bursts with ideas.

When I open up my ears and let my characters speak to me, I am often surprised (sometimes shocked) by what they want me to let them do. Is it true that writers live vicariously through their writing? Most of us say we don’t, but that’s a big fat lie, because of course we do. My protagonist does a lot that I would love to do, but she also acts in ways I wouldn’t… couldn’t… shouldn’t…

Writing is just like drawing and painting. If you want to get better, you have to set some other things aside, and work a little (or preferably a lot) every day.  Personally, I have the opposite issue… if I don’t touch bases with my project for a while, I feel something akin to withdrawal.

I am so fortunate to be a writer and that I get to do what I love… almost every day.  But as of this morning, I’m pretending that my computer is broken. I won’t be sitting down at my sleek little black beauty and hearing the whir-r-r-r-r of all those little memory bits falling into place and I won’t be indulging in the feel of tap-tap-tap underneath the pads of my fingertips.

The next ten days will not be a time for writing. Our daughter is getting married. Jorge and I are focused on her, and on our family and friends who are coming from three continents to celebrate with us. Quite simply, something has to give…

(Now, say it again Joanna… with conviction)  There will be no writing, no blog posting… not even email until after December 17th. See you then…



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6 responses to “Why do I do it?

  1. jan

    When our children marry the earth tilts a bit and all of the every day experiences take on a different feel and colour. Your writing will continue to seek its inspiration from life as you greet it every day, but, and more importantly, and in many ways quite simply, being a wonderful mom is what remains of the day..we love you and your family Joanna…Jan and Tony

  2. Deanna Lagroix

    I promise to read and reread this blog for the lesson you present to aspiring writers…….the one where if we want to get something on paper, we must take time each day to do so. I seem to let other little tasks take over my time, all the while bemoaning that I’ve written nothing in days.
    I wish you and your household much joy in the next ten days as you get ready for Maggie’s big day! Be well and happy!

  3. What beautiful photos.You both look so happy. They say that writers, when writing, think there isn’t anything else in the world they should be doing. The wedding of your daughter certainly superceeds this rule! Have a great wedding and please post pictures.

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