Fa, la,la,la,la… la,la,la,la!

The scene of the altercation

Veering off Calle 60… headed towards the Mega Balcones parking lot (signal light flashing…) I saw RED… and just in time! A carmine-colored Peugeot sedan came barreling up on my right, determined to get in front of me… no matter what!

I laid on the horn, which must have delighted the driver who turned into the parking lot. He seemed to be dead set on getting a close-to-the-entrance spot. I managed to secure one right beside him…

Slamming his door, still in a rush, he attempted to beeline for the big sliding glass panels. Out of the sedate grey Eco-sport stepped I… with my posse: Auntie Alice (7 decades strong), Auntie Dot (83 years young) and my sister Barb (50 but fit) We ladies were ready to rumble…

Mr. Personality had a Dixie accent, but he was no southern gentleman. His sensitive side (if he has one) was not on display. Our aggressor informed us that he had been in the inside “lane,” and I should “learn how to drive.” I told him that he drove like a maniac, and continued… “When the road merges into a tight right turn, the car in the rear (him) should get behind the front car (me)” I felt he had no businesses speeding up and passing me on the right. He told me we had been on a “4-lane road,” and that I needed to “learn how to drive”…

He explained that he had lived in Merida for ten years (I guess he wanted to show me he knew the rules of the road better than I did)… I told him that I’d been here for 36 years. He seemed unimpressed, and told me I needed to “get a life.”

At this point, Auntie Alice (who is of sound English stock) scolded him. “You are a most rude person,” she said. I told him that I already had a life but obviously he didn’t… He did not want to engage in any more verbal volleyball and stomped off.

As we strolled past the bakery section, I saw him headed out of the store – empty handed. I guess that Mega should “learn how to stock.”

‘Tis the season to be jolly… fa, la, la,la,la – la la la la …


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9 responses to “Fa, la,la,la,la… la,la,la,la!

  1. In other words, rudeness IS universal!! He sounds like a really rude man in a big hurry!! We are coming to visit….but not those type of people!

  2. Glad you stood tall, Joanna.

    Reluctance to confront mental bullies is one of the world’s greater problems.


  3. Amy

    Sra Rosado…You seem actually proud of your display of non self control and equally bad manners. You certainly did not act like a lady with breeding…shame, shame…one should never stoop as low as the riff-raff one encounters in Merida.

    I trust you have read a copy of Amy Vanderbilt or Emily Post (and/or the Mexican equal) for Saturday’s BIG DAY.

    I will be watching you.

    • Well Amy, it was one of those times when you had to be there I guess… Actually I was proud of myself for standing up to the bullying. I so often do not. So “watch-away”… I have done nothing that I feel ashamed of.

  4. God help ye, surly maniac, with rudeness on display,
    when next you fail so miserably to yield the right-of-way,
    To women on a shopping spree, who do not broach display
    Of bad manners and naco stupidity, naco stupidity… of bad manners and naco stupidity.

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