A Memorable Musical Day

Yesterday, Jorge and I took several friends and family members for lunch at Mauro’s, a small restaurant near our home in García Ginerés. The minute we sat down, our waiter served a selection of free botanas along with ice-cold beer. The delicious ceviche, guacamole, refried beans and other delectable edibles made for a wonderful first course

The menu at Mauro’s features a variety of seafood entrees, and once we made our choice, we were approached by a strong shouldered man carrying at least 30 kilos of DVDs for sale at 25 pesos each. Next, a nimble young vendor with a tray of regional sweets… coquitos, pulpa de tamarindo, and marzipans came byand finally, we were effusively greeted by Enrique, the restaurant’s resident entertainer.

I don’t know Enrique’s life story but from his boxer’s nose, bum hip and crooked-toothed smile, I’d venture to guess that he’s had a colorful life… his taped and battered acoustic guitar looks as though it has participated in more than one barroom brawl. But when Enrique begins to sing and strum the strings… magic fills the room. His repertoire must include every Mexican song ever written, and he plays them perfectly… from memory.

When our food arrived, (chile poblano stuffed with gulf shrimp) Enrique slipped away from our table and greeted some of the other patrons – a former governor of Yucatan, a prominent businessman, a family from Campeche and other assorted Meridanos

Later, we were invited to the home of good friends and treated to more wonderful music. This time the artist was Maricarmen Perez, a beautiful Yucatecan woman. Her voice fluctuated from a sweet soprano to earthy contralto, depending on the piece she sang. I just loved her rendition of Guadalupe Trigo’s  “Mi Ciudad.” She continued singing and playing her guitar, and before we knew it, evening slipped into night… Reluctantly, we wound our way home.

This is one of the things I love about living in Yucatan… wherever you go, you’ll find eclectic… EVERYTHING!

The photos were taken with an i-phone… not too clear, but you get the idea.



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8 responses to “A Memorable Musical Day

  1. Joanna–“Ecletic” is the perfect adjective. Not only are the experiences such as those you describe so wonderfully variable; but there are even eclectic variations in interactions with the same people. It makes life here continually (as another blogger put it), “an adventure.”

    • Hey Alinde… Happy New Year! Yes every day is an adventure, and I don’t think there’s been one in 36 years that hasn’t brought me some kind of surprise. It sure is never dull…

  2. I’ve never been to Mauro’s. It sounds great and I will have to try it. I’d bet it’s my kind of place.

    It looks as if you have pretty much recovered from Maggie and Ricardo’s wedding. It was such a wonderful time…speaking of that, I have sent you a couple of emails regarding some unfinished wedding business and haven’t heard back. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

    Happy New Year to you, Jorge and all of the family.

    • Hi Marc, I am only just getting back to my regular activities… Christmas came right after the wedding… but I did read your email… there will be someone home most of the day. Call, we’ll be delighted to see you!

  3. Sounds magical. Thanks for taking us there.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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