“Asi es Campeche Señores…”

Last Friday my sister and I took an overnight trip to Campeche. If you have never visited this seaside city, you must do so as soon as you can. Local travel is so easy, just 2 ½ hours on the ADO bus and you’ll be there…

Sitting across from us, this lady and her two little boys had made a much longer overnight journey… Barb and I remembered our own trips with our small kids and definitely agree that it is much easier now.

As soon as we’d checked into the Hotel America, we set out for El Malecón – the Boardwalk. Stretching for several kilometers, it is a marvelous place to walk and enjoy the sea air. Many great seafood restaurants line the shore… we heartily enjoyed our Margarita and Shrimp in Coconut                                                                                                                        

A siesta, then a walk through the old town with its candy-colored buildings and colonial fortresses.

We talked to some lovely people. The little girl got those spiffy wings and the ruby slippers as her Three Kings Day gift… she looked like a fairy princess.

By sundown, all that walking had made us hungry again; we decided to dress up a bit and fine dined at the Puerta de Campeche. Our meal  (more shrimp) was to die for…

Saturday morning, after coffee and fresh fruit at La Parroquia, we made a b-line for Campeche’s wonderful seafood market where we bought shrimp to carry home to Merida…

Just 24 hours, but a world away from our routine, Barb and I plan on making an overnighter to Campeche an annual tradition.      




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6 responses to ““Asi es Campeche Señores…”

  1. I was just reading about the surounding cities of Merida in one of my guide books last night which included bus stations,I can see where the bus service comes in very handy.My mouth is just watering over your dinner photo. Sounds like such a lovely trip.

    • Yes the bus service is excellent between cities in Mexico… and yes indeed, that meal was a great one. When you come to visit I’ll be happy to share the where-when-how-etc. information

  2. Looking forward to seeing Campeche again someday soon, for the first time since the 1980s. Thanks for the ideas for places to eat and stay. Lovely pictures. The light looks amazing.

  3. Lee

    It looks a little like Merida-by-the-Sea. I can’t wait to go.

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