A Slow Start…

I am about fifteen days behind. By mid January, I have usually broken the diet I started on January 1st… this year the starting date has been postponed until all the our company is gone.

I did manage to get the Christmas tree down and I packed away the decorations but not by January 3rd… I think that happened about the 10th

I still haven’t returned the trays that the florist lent me… and two Tupperware containers (with lids) have been riding around in my car for more than a month. There is a dress that I have not picked up (sorry, sorry, sorry Alex… I’ll get there!)

My mother-of-the-bride dress must be taken to the cleaners… and my poor old 12 year old cat hasn’t had his little liver treats because I haven’t been to the butcher to buy them.

I’ve been taking leftovers out of the freezer for lunch almost every day, which is fine… but the fridge harbors many little plastic containers with contents that time forgot.

My hair needs coloring and I am desperate for a mani and pedi. My dear husband is a little more on-the-bit than I am, but not by much…

Yes indeed, there is concern that we will never resume our normal activities. And why might that be? Well, to start with, between December 2nd and today we had over seventy visitors from out-of-country. The last (my son Carlos) will leave this afternoon. We enjoyed seeing everyone, dancing with them at the wedding and wining and dining together at our house. I wish we could do it all over again.

But everything changes sooner or later… local friends are starting to call and last Tuesday, I did go to the IWC monthly tea. Jorge and I thank our Merida friends who lent us cars, hosted our guests, and especially my great friend who allowed me to hold Maggie’s bridal shower in her garden.

2011 with our two children’s marriages, a long stay in Italy, lots of social whirling and the never ending editing of my book was one of the busiest years that Jorge and I have ever had.

And that’s why we’re about 2 weeks behind… we’re resting up. We were so tired last week that I was taking a morning siesta, as well as my regular afternoon one, and sleeping well at night!

But we are almost recovered… we’re looking seriously at our Yoga mats and I have made a shopping list that includes lots of lovely fruits and veggies… No more butter tarts and shortbread for us!

A belated Happy New Year to all…



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2 responses to “A Slow Start…

  1. I am amazed that you are still able to write about it, Joanna! Seventy visitors would have left me, well, DEAD? So congratulations!

    Am also glad you were able to get to revisions on your book–I bet that effort was actually stress-reducing.

    Have a good REST!

    • Alinde! Nice to hear from you… well, the company is gone. I just received an email from Carlos and he has arrived safe and sound into Jeanette’s arms in Oslo. Everything is as it should be. The book revision continues…

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