Watching our garden grow…

Our garden is so lovely at this time of year. We water it… we watch it grow… it’s better than a TV show!

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14 responses to “Watching our garden grow…

  1. laura

    Well… I can’t wait to see it;; 😉

  2. Your lovely garden photos had a great spin-off effect for me. I was trying to find the name of my personal favorite “flower-er”, which led me to it’s cultivation. It turns out, I’ve been minimizing it’s bloom by my pruning. Had I not thought about your flowers, I’d probably not have discovered my bad pruning of Heliona.

    The name is the Heliona Roscata. Besides it’s sheer beauty, it dries into an amazingly flexible decorative element.

    So thanks again, Joanna. I love answering some blog posts, because it’s a conversation, without the phone (I kind of dislike phones.)

    Here’s a link to this type of Heliona, which a worker told me originates in Chiapas.

  3. Margery Palomino

    Lovely Joanna!
    I recall photographing many of these same flowers when staying with you over two years ago. They are like old friends, always remembered at their best!

  4. Lee

    I have to go to the Bronx Botanical Garden to see color and vibrancy like this. I’m grateful for the Botanical Garden, but you’re so fortunate to have nature’s bounty right there. The fragrance must be wonderful.

    This reminds me of my failed “orchid room” in Connecticut. What a disaster.

  5. Jade Soon

    What a gorgeous garden! Your flowers and plants look so healthy and vibrant! We’ve just had our first snowfall and only the evergreens are peeking through the snow!! Weatherman is forecasting more!!!Would love to visit you one day! xJade:)

  6. Everything looks so green and healthy, and the orchids are amazing. I just can hardly wait until we are there full time so that we can cultivate and enjoy our garden.

    • Gardening in Yucatan is a piece of cake at this time of year but when it gets hot, you need to have plants that can take it… But there are lots of them, as you’ll happily find out.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! I would love to understand more about the care of orchids. Debi gave me one years ago, it’s still alive but has yet to bloom. Any tips as yours are just lovely!

    • Thanks Nancy, the ones in the photos are actually from Costco! After they finished blooming, we hung them under our orange tree, and I guess they like it there because they send out new bars and bloom all the time. We also have a lot of endemic varieties and we do the same with them… under our trees, they seem to thrive. But some orchids do take a long time to “get established”… some say seven years… I’m no expert either, but I think the BIG secret is letting them know they’re loved… (I find this works with people too!)

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