Santa Lucia

Last night my friend Jo invited me to hear her brother-in-law Lorenzo (Mosu) Nuñez Zapata sing at the weekly Santa Lucia concert.

By the time we arrived, the plaza had filled to capacity with locals and tourists. But we saw Jo’s sister-in-law way up front and made our way towards her. There! Two lovely second row seats just waiting for us…

Accompanied by three Trova musicians, Mosu sung many familiar Yucatecan ballads with such passion… I felt myself transported back in time: 36 years and 1 day ago…

Jorge and I met on January 18, 1976, just down the street from Santa Lucia Plaza…in the lobby of the Hotel Merida. I was the tour conductor of a group of tourism and media types who had come to visit Merida and Jorge was our guide. It’s common knowledge that by the end of the day we had fallen in love…

Last night, sitting amongst the mellow crowd, I wondered, was this sublime Yucatecan ambiance working its magic on another lucky couple?

And when the beautiful Lenny Sanchez joined Mosu on stage, their voices added a perfectly harmonized aural element to the spell cast by the not hot, not cold… not too humid evening air.

Next the dancers from the BaletFolklorico came prancing onto the stage and the tempo picked up… Such color and exuberance!

And right then, I had one of those Ah-ha revelations… This moment in time illustrated “why” Yucatecans are such a special people: they live in the present.

Yes, they have problems of many kinds… yes they wish the situation would improve. But right now, they wouldn’t concern themselves with anything negative. Mañana they would resume the day-to-day juggling of budget worries, kids, work, school… whatever. Tonight all that had been suspended… they had come to hear Mosu sing… to see their friends… to feel good.

I have a favorite song called, “Santa Lucia.” It is not a Yucatecan ballad – it was composed and is sung by a Spaniard named Miguel Rios… But it’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy listening to it and looking at the (fuzzy) pictures from last evening’s Serenta Yucateca…

And hey… have a wonderful day.

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