Today’s Quick Lunch

Jorge and I have just finished the weekly “MEGA Run.” Those of you who do not live in Mérida may think I’m talking about a BIG run… but those of you who do live here will conclude that I refer to the grocery store… Full name: “Comercial Mexicana Mega Balcones.” Whenever we go there on a Saturday, we pick up something quick-to-fix for lunch. We’ve been looking at those frozen mussels for a while now, and today we took the plunge…

Once home,  the clock read 12:00 noon. I took out what I’d need for my menu:

Nice photo, eh?

On went the water to boil. I poured a nice glass of Pinot Grigio and figured that by the time I’d finished my wine, the pot would be ready to welcome my cute little nests of Tagliatelle. I chopped the green onions and parsley then got out the mussels.

Most of the main course

12:15 pm: wine half-gone… water starting to steam… I cut open the vacuum-packed bag, and into my trusty skillet the mussels slid. Hm-m-m-m… for good measure, I added a bit of that Pinot Grigio, some cracked pepper and a few grains of rock salt. The aroma held promise…

12:18 pm: Oh my! The salad! I tore up the pre-washed spinach leaves, sliced the already-hard boiled egg, added the chopped green onion and whipped up a Dijon vinaigrette. Ecco!

As I downed the last drop of the wine… the water was at a hard boil. 12:23 pm. I lowered the basket of pasta … 6 minutes should do it.

I set the table (nothing fancy…), tossed the salad, cut the bread, poured two glasses of wine. 12:29 pm. Drain the pasta… plate it… cover with mussels… sprinkle with parsley. Lovely!

12:32 pm: “Jorge… time for lunch!”



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4 responses to “Today’s Quick Lunch

  1. Lee

    What a lucky guy you have there with you.

  2. Nancy

    Yum, that looks delicious! Pasta and seafood are two of my favorite foods. And yes, that was a very cool photo!

    • Thanks Nancy… yes the photo is one of my best… but I assure you, a complete fluke. Now though I understand what my son Carlos says about lighting being paramount in photography

      • Well I didn’t mention in my post that he was outside watering and looking after our pretty garden while I made that lunch… we all do our bit, right?

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