Although Jorge and I are supposed to have been retired for two years now, it wasn’t really happening until this week. We still went to school a lot and always seemed too busy to kick back.

But the New Year has brought in a new order to things.

I guess that retiring from a company or a government job is more cut and dried: You leave on a certain date, get a last paycheck, maybe a gold watch? And then that’s it.

When you own a business it is quite different – it is staged. You say you’re retired, you still feel attached though, and unless you buy the gold watch, you won’t get one.

And yet the day dawned when we realized that if we didn’t take a real step out the door, no one would be able to do it for us.

And so, the question is:  How did we spend out first real day of retirement? Answer: By doing two of our favorite things: We went to the beach and in the evening to a concert.

Our friends Edie and Ron joined us on a drive up the coast to Uaymitun. We wanted to see the flamingos, but alas, there weren’t any. Then we drove to Telchac Puerto, but seeing as the restaurant where we wanted to have lunch was closed, we drove back to Progreso and enjoyed a lovely seafood meal with our feet wiggling in the sand, the surf pounding, the wind blowing through our hair, and the gulls calling overhead.

Once home, we took a late siesta in our soft cotton hammocks, then set off for a concert at the “Centro Cultural del Niño Yucateco.”  The violinist we heard is no longer a “niño” but he began his musical studies at the Center.

Alfredo Rojas Vértiz Nuñez is the eldest son of man who has been our friend for more than 20 years. Alfredo is a waiter at “Luigi’s,” a favorite restaurant of ours. He has welcomed us and hosted many a wonderful evening. He has also seen to it that his sons (the other is a violinist) received the best education possible.

And he has been successful. Alfredo Jr. is not only an accomplished musician, but a linguist and a very personable young man. He is studying for his Bachelor in Musical Studies…

One of his teachers, Irina Decheva accompanied him on the piano while he played selected pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Händel, Chopin and Donizetti. What a wonderful program!

In Yucatán, besides the Symphony, we have five junior symphonies. I think it speaks very well of a state where so much emphasis is placed on music.

In the coming months, we’ll be taking full advantage of both the natural and cultural attractions available to us. As Jorge says, “From now on, every day is Saturday!”


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7 responses to “Retirement

  1. Marianne

    For most people, it’s “retirement”. For you and those like you, it’s “redirection”.

  2. Congratulations!…but I think you have forgotten how much work was necessary to actually publish your last book! jajajajaja

    Now you must go back to your REAL job, writing and publishing books. Doesn’t sound like retirement to me.

  3. Mind reading again, Joanna? I was just about to say, “I thought you were retired?!” Glad it is finally happening. Only a retired experience will tell you if it’s really right for you.

    Come to think of it, though, there’s really nothing wrong with working.

    My own mother’s mental health deteriorated rapidly after she became a “housewife” and/or quit singing. And my father’s Altzheimer’s accelerated after he was forced to retire.

    Thanks for another thought-provoking post.

    • You always make such good comments Alinde… I told you there was lots going on, remember? Well, now you know it was all the “stages” And I certainly don’t plan to stop my other interests… I doubt there will be a chance for moss to grow!

  4. louise

    What an incredible year! two weddings and now retirement… enjoy!

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