It’s too soon to tell..

Today I had a comment from a reader who asked:

I’ve read a lot about Enrique Peña Nieto being an “empty suit.”  Do the Mexican people see him that way?

·         Will the Teacher’s Union’s failure to support the PRI candidate hurt its chances in July?

·         Will the charisma of Josefina Vázquez Mota overcome the bad feelings about the PAN party’s “war on the drug cartels?”.

·         Given an apparent weak candidate from PRI and an unpopular PAN “War on the Drug Cartels” it would appear that Andrés Manuel López Obrador might have a real chance this year, am I correct?”

This is the BIG question. If you read the reports from either PAN or PRI-leaning papers, you’ll be quite sure that either of these two parties has it in the bag for next July’s federal election. But go into social media sites and it’s a different story. It is ALL about Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

Once the parties’ campaigns really get going in March, we’ll hear so much from all the candidates that we’ll nearly go bonkers… The messages will change with the polls. That is to say that whatever the voters appear to want will become the main focus of the PAN and PRI candidates. But on one issue the two parties will stand united: the PRD must be held back.

I believe that their resistance to AMLO is resistance to change. “Change!” one of my Panista friends cried, “What if it’s worse? What if AMLO turns out to be another Chavez?”

I doubt that will happen, but I think that this country could certainly do with some change, and the PRD is the only party I see offering any such thing.

It is too soon to tell. It’s a long time till July, but I do not regard Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as an “already-ran”… So in answer to your question, I would say “Yes,” he is certainly a player, and at this point, he stands as good a chance as the other two.

Have you seen the documentary “0.56” ? It profiles AMLO, and the disputed 2006 election. The director is Lorenzo Hagerman. He and his wife Paula Haro are the directors of Merida’s  “ La 68 Centro Cultural Elena Poniatowska” The film is often shown on either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night at 9 pm.  If you want to understand more about AMLO, do see this film.

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7 responses to “It’s too soon to tell..

  1. Ron

    Not so major, more like a spoiled child as I recall, before it was all over.

    • Have you seen “0.56%”? AMLO did act in “poor form” after the 2006 election. Quite frankly the Establishment broke him… I wonder what I would have done in his place? But, he’s back, and I stand by what I said, it’s too soon to tell.

  2. I think you are doing a marvellous job by starting this conversation. There is so much we need to know about Mexican politics. I had thought that PRD didn’t stand a chance, so a vote for them was a wasted vote. However, if there is a possibility for change, then I shall be voting for them. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it, as I am sure do many, many others.

  3. so what about the idea that Nieto will make it tough on extranjeros by raising our fees and taxes to help offset the financial support for the poor?

    you know how bad my spanish is so I could be misunderstanding…..

  4. He was certainly a major player in the last election in Mexico, so no doubt he will be a major contender next election. I hope and pray for a strong and vibrant Mexican economy going forward and one that will bring peace to the country. But as an American, I must admit that it is in my own self service that I wish Mexico a strong and prosperous economy and government; for, the better things get it Mexico for Mexicans, the better and more prosperous both countries will become.

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