Well… will you look at this!

Today will be the day someone visits my blog for 100,000th time. I have no way of knowing who that person will be, but I’ll be watching the numbers turn over, and I hope I’ll see the moment the total (lower left hand corner) hits the six digits… If I catch it, I’ll snap another picture… Take note of the time you’re reading this… maybe you are number 100,000?



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13 responses to “Well… will you look at this!

  1. I’m at least 1,000 of those hits… your writing is so great I come back and reread often!

  2. Lee

    I just clicked and confetti rained down on my head. It must be me.

  3. This is fun, Joanna!

    Is it mine?!

  4. Marie Ros

    Congratulations Joanna! Well done.

  5. Is it me? Do I get a prize? I’m not surprised at your stats…lots of great and well-written info.
    Gosh, I wonder how many words you wrote.

  6. Hi Joanna hope im your 100,000 fan! love your blogs.. 🙂 would love to receive a price from you!

    • For Lee, Alinde, Marie, Rainie and Julio Ceasar… Thank you all of you for your support! I did not see the blog at 100,000 – even, but at 2:07 pm, I the readout was 100,004. So Rainie’s comment at 1:25 pm seems to be the one that can prove, she came in closest. How fitting, Rainie and I posted our first time together under Debi From Merida’s excellent instruction.

  7. Hey – I just looked at my Stats, I have 110,200 hits, of course I’ve been at this longer than you!
    Congratulations – that’s quite a Stat for such a short time posting!

  8. debi in merida

    is it me, is it me!

  9. orangeoceanseo

    I bet its me 🙂

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