Valentine’s Day

By the time we reach “a certain age” we’ve had many different friendships. Some people have been in our lives for a long, long time – and because we’ve shared so much with them, they have a very special place in our hearts.

Other friendships are more recent, and although we like these people immensely, we’re still getting to know one another.

We have friends who belong to specific times and areas of our lives. Maybe we share a hobby, or are passionate about a cause. There are friends-of-friends, colleagues from work and so on.

Friends are not family, but it’s often said they are the family we choose.  Why do we pursue some people’s friendship?  What makes a good friend?

A person I love very much once said to me, “I may not be many things, but I am a good friend.” And isn’t that where friendship starts; knowing that someone is more than an acquaintance – you call each other: friend.

Friends are loyal, they defend you. They show you that they care in large and small ways. Friends share your joys and sorrows. Friends are equals, although there is rarely equal effort at the same time. For a while, it seems one friend gives more, but then the tables turn… it works out.

Sometimes we make mistakes with our friends; we fail to recognize when an issue is very important. We overstep or assume too much. We let our friend down. This is hard for the friend who dealt the hurt and for the one who’s hurting. There’s a lot of bewilderment… How could she do this? – vs – Why is this so important to her?  We don’t understand why or how our friend could fail to understand… Such times are agony. But good friends get through it … one way or another.

Sometimes we are jealous of our friends… just a teensy bit maybe… but it’s there. This must get tramped down and replaced with pride in our friend’s accomplishments. The green-eyed monster has no place in a friendship.

Neither does dishonesty belong within the context of friendship. We need to mean what we say.

Even if we try not to, it is human nature to sometimes be judgmental. Sometimes, there are things we dislike or disapprove of in our friends. But good friends accept one another’s foibles… they help where they can, and they don’t… rub salt into the wounds.

It’s hard to go a long time without seeing close friends. An evening in their stellar company is a gift. And like wine, friendship improves with age… For me, there is nothing more relaxing and enriching than time with a great friend.

Often great friends are quite unalike, but they balance each other out…

I have a wonderful family, but still life would be incomplete without my friends…

A friendship you treasure is very valuable… Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love and friendship. It’s a good day to let you friends know how you feel.





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18 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Anabelle Garcia-Burkett

    I have been blessed to have encountered many friends throughout my journey of life. I have so much enjoyed our friendship and miss seeing your beautiful smile. Though thousands of miles have kept me apart from friends and family, I know that good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there!!
    sending lots of love to you and Jorge. Anabelle

  2. This is a post I keep thinking about Joanna–very stimulating. And Jonna–what you said about the other’s faults sure rings true for me as well. We all have faults, but our tolerance for different types varies, and explains a lot of our selections of friends.

    One positive quality I value is sensitivity, or even empathy. I have a very good friend who likes to chat with me every afternoon. But one day, after an exhausting and frustrating morning, I found I could not accomodate her. And guess what–she SENSED it, and made no demands upon me, and did not say a word all afternoon!

    Who is my friend? Cucurrucucu, my pet parrot. (If only my dogs had her “bird brain”.)

  3. You are a good friend Joanna and by that I mean that you have all of those qualities that you mentioned, you give good friendship and I believe that you get what you give.

    I’ve always said that you choose your friends for their faults, they have to be faults that aren’t important to you and that don’t drive you crazy. Their good traits will be attractive to everyone but the little failings, they must be of a kind that seem small to you as well.

  4. Alice Trueman

    Well expressed, Joany


  5. Larry

    Reading the comments already posted it is very clear that you are a treasured friend to many people. You and Jorge are all that and more to Reg and I. What a blessing that our lives have crossed and we have been able to enrich each others lives! Have a special day, Joanna and Jorge! We look forward to our adventures in Chiapas! And have a wonderful time in San Miguel d’Allende! Hugs……

  6. Lee

    The post is bittersweet for someone like me, slowly exiting one phase of life, slowly entering another. I’ve had many long, enduring friendships in my life, but their nature changes over time, which sometime is difficult to come to grips with.

    I thank you for your friendship, and for the friendships you’ve made possible in Yucatan!

    • The pleasure is mine… sometimes you meet a person and I think, “I want this person to be my friend…” That happened to me when I first read your blog “Imagine Merida”… Happy Valentines Day to you and “El Guapo”!

  7. Thank you for your friendship. You are very special to me. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Lovely sentiments Joanna – I send all of them right back to you! You are indeed a very special person, and friend. Thank You!

  9. Deanna Lagroix

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Joanna! New friends give us a new perspective on life and ideas and the old friends remind us who we were and are. I value our friendship, new as it is…..and wish you a happy day !

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