A Slice of Heaven

It is 6:16 Monday morning. Yesterday Jorge and I traveled from Merida to Palenque in a Sprinter van with 14 others… not the most comfortable ride I’ve ever taken, but not the worst either (by any means!)  I thought I’d be able to plead my sore knee and be given the best seat… but when I saw the collection of canes, limping co-passengers and tall men, I knew that my argument was not gonna fly.

We stopped in Champoton enroute and feasted on shrimp twice the size of my thumb. I am always very humbled by the experience. Imagine: gourmet fare, served under a palapa roof… the green Gulf of Mexico lapping the sand – not 2 meters from my feet… scratchy Cumbia music playing a short ways off… and of course, Jorge smiling beside me… I am blown away by the fact that more than 35 years have passed since he first introduced me to this slice of Heaven.
Arriving into Palenque “the city of kings”, we checked into a charming hotel with a promising name: “Hotel Chablis” But, we felt tired after the long day, and after a light panini from the coffee shop next door, we called it a night… I slept soundly, interrupted from time to time by the familiar snores from the bed beside me…

And this morning, I am up before everyone else… nothing new there! There’s no dark brew to be had just yet but this is coffee country and I know I will soon be rewarded for my patience. I can hear the howler monkeys and parrots above and a sweet little kitty is rubbing against my legs.

Truly, it doesn’t get much better than this…



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2 responses to “A Slice of Heaven

  1. John Sun

    I really love reading your blog. I will be visiting Mexico and for sure your beautiful city of Merida this Easter.

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