On the Road Again…

Not much time for posting on this trip… Yesterday we put in a 15 hour day!  But I have uploaded my photos and so will share a few with you.

Actually, I am disappointed with most of the images I have taken over the past few days.  No way do they do justice to what I’ve seen… The good news is that better photographers with better cameras have offered to share their pics… but for today these are the best I can offer. Here are the slideshow captions:

  1. The Gulf of Mexico at Champoton where we stopped for lunch on Sunday
  2. Our group arriving at Palenque on Monday
  3. The Ceiba, Palenque
  4. The Mirador, Palenque
  5. Breakfast “coming up” enroute for Bonampak, 6 am, Tuesday
  6. The landing strip at Bonampak, until not long ago, a small Cessna was the only way to reach the site
  7. Bonampak
  8. Bonampak
  9. One of the guardian’s children in Bonampak
  10. “Chan Kin”, a guardian at Bonampak and Lacondon elder
  11.  The boat we took to Yaxilan
  12.  Starting with a climb…
  13.  Continuing with a walk…
  14.  Our group… still ambulatory!
  15.  Me atop the 175 steps-high pyramid
  16.  A stele at Yaxilan
  17.  A Yaxilan building
  18.  Another magnificent tree
  19.  The return river trip
  20.  Ready to disembark and head back to our hotel in Palenque

Today we leave for San Cristobal de las Casas, visiting Agua Azul and Tonina on the way… so more to come!

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6 responses to “On the Road Again…

  1. Deanna Lagroix

    Happy Traveling!! It’s good to see some faces I know and I’ll travel vicariously with you all!!

    • Hi Deanna, yes this is great group… we’ve had lots of laughs, helped one another up and down 175 step pyramids and shared many stories of past trips. You’d have been an excellent addition to the pack… maybe next year!

  2. Is Chamula in the itinerary? Enjoy!

    • Yes San Juan Chamula is happening as I type. I had so little sleep last night (the bar next door was really hopping) so had to stay home this morning… but I’ve certainly been there before and I know the group will be in awe of the experience

  3. Kathie

    Wow! Your pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful trip.

    • I’m glad you have enjoyed the pictures but really, this was one of the trips that I wish I’d had a camera that could take better shots… we have seen some amazing sites and sights

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