I think the Fates are confused

All my life I have possessed excess energy, excellent health and a positive outlook. These blessings have served me well, and except for the odd bout of some short-run malady or another, I have woken up every day (after a great sleep) ready to take it on!

My eldest uncle used to tell me, “Just wait Girlie… your time will come.” He believed that we age in decades and that midway through each one we begin to notice changes in our physical prowess and mental dexterity. He grimly noted that the last year of each 10 year cycle is indicative of what the next decade will be like. It’s worth noting that Tio Doug took care of himself and he lived for 99 happy years…

I used to scoff at his theory, but I am beginning to suspect that the old boy was on to something… At 50, my hysterectomy took care of “The Curse” but introduced me to hot flashes, and believe me… in this climate that takes on a whole new dimension! Once I resorted to HRT, things straightened out, but high BP became the next thing to be concerned about. In 2008, I really messed up my right knee and the left soon decided that it would join its partner joint and become what I now call: “the flaw in the design.”

Those knees put a stop to my early morning 6 K walks. For nearly 20 years I had met my friend Kathy at the Parque de las Americas and we kept each other on the straight and narrow. Without the daily exercise, the pounds have piled on at a frightening rate.

And this morning, here I sit propped up with pillows, enduring what must be the worst cold I’ve ever had. But truth be known… 20 years ago even with such a cold, I would have probably put in a full day’s work …

And so I have decided that if this last year of my fifties is to be the herald of what’s coming down the pike, it will be “turnaround” one. I am going to find a trainer who will goose-step my knees into some semblance of their former agility. Healthy choices will replace the tasty entrees that have become regular features at lunch time.

I feel that through my 50s the Fates confused me with some other Joanna. It’s time to set things straight… as soon as I am over the beastly cold, of course!



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18 responses to “I think the Fates are confused

  1. Beastly cold is not the word for it! I am off to the doctor’s this morning still fighting the Chiapas curse which many of us seem to have contracted. Hope that both you and Jorge are in fighting shape again soon! Not that kind of fighting, silly! Adffirming we will all grow older and wiser together in the Yucatan sun….oops. better watch that sun. Wear a hat, preferably the red one…

    • Sick or not… you haven’t lost your good humor. Really the “Chiapas Curse” is awful… Both Jorge and I are still on medication… feeling a bit better each day but still far from well. We go back to the doctor on Wednesday. Take care my friend!

  2. Good luck, Joanna–I remember telling a friend that if I had not planned my move to Mexico when I did, in my 50s, I’d not be able to accomplish it later. I now believe what was so true. My energy level dropped off at about 58, and I’ve not really recovered it.

    I wish you the best in your efforts. There’s no easy solution to getting older. In fact, I hate it! But, “that’s life.”

    A friend of mine recently quit a rather expensive gym, figuring that she could benefit more economically by just buying the equipment herself. Of course, one needs to know first which piece of equipments suits you best, that is. So, if you try out a gym, and can see what exercise method suits you best, so that might be a place to start.

    I have had some experience with one gym here in Merida. I’ll email you my opinions if you’d like.

    • Good advice Alinde and you’re supportive as always. I have also been to several gyms in Merida but years ago. I think I’ll try the place Richard and Leslie recommend. We’ll see…

  3. Leslie

    We joined a gym on Itzaes..it’s called Thunder Gym…very nice. $400 pesos a month.

  4. Deborah Wilson

    Hang in there! It is an interesting challenge, learning to adapt as different injuries and problems crop up over the years. Lately I’ve been trying the local gym for the first time – so far it seems like it might be trick to getting exercise without getting hurt (or, here in Canada, without getting cold).

  5. Leslie

    Richard and I started a new life style in January. Eating healthy, but still splurging occassionally. We also identified that our bodies were in great need of toning. So we joined a gym. We love our new routine and we feel so much better.

    Let’s cheer each other on ladies!!! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. louise

    I dont want to even think about my broken parts anymore. At 42, had knee surgery. In post op appointment I mistakenly announced my excitement at having bought a new pair of runners for those 5Km jogs. My surgeon of course laughed and said go swim – that will ensure he wont see me again until I turn 45. At 47… I refuse to go back to remove more cartilage… but its just around the corner for sure. As long as I can still smile and larger yoga pants are available, the extra 15 will be endured!

    • I hear you… we all do the best we can. From my experience, exercise is key. The eating issues mostly resolve themselves as long as you can burn the calories off.

  7. lbailliebowie

    Thanks for the reminder to take the time and energy to take care of ourselves. If you need anything please call.

  8. nancyhoag

    I feel your pain! I too am in the last year of my 50’s…where did the time go? But since my knee surgery I am doing so much better. Of course I still struggle with my weight, as “women of a certain age” will do…my doctor’s words, not mine. I think the key is moderation in all things. Keep enjoying those tasty entrees, just not every day.

    In the words of Robert Browning ““Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.”

    The 60’s should be an interesting decade that I for one am looking forward to!! XO

  9. Marie

    Hi Joanna,

    Wishing you a speedy recovery to facilitate your new lease on life.

    Many of us need to follow suit. Things have become so comfortable here, I have become lax in prioritizing the importance of exercise in my daily activities lately. This, even though, I know that my energy levels increase dramatically when I am more physically active.

    Thank you for reminding to get back into my exercise regime.

    Cheers, Marie

    • Thanks Marie, but I didn’t mean that anyone else should be getting back onto the straight and narrow because I have decided to do so. But since we are headed down the same path, maybe we can chear one another onwards!

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