Jorge, Me and the TV

Wondering what this photo is doing here? Read on…

No word from me for the last while…  This cold has laid us flat for a week now… most of the time it’s been just Jorge, me and the TV. I fear this is affecting our brains…

Jorge has ventured down to the school twice; he lasted about half an hour. We both propped one another up and went to Mega for some groceries this afternoon but we struggled to actually finish the job.

Of course we haven’t let anyone get near us; we sure don’t want to pass this nasty thing on…

But I have not been completely inactive… I accomplished one thing today:  I cleaned up my spices and condiments counter. If you have an open shelved kitchen like I do, you know this is important to do every once in a while.

And what did I find that time forgot? Well… I knew it was there, but I finally tossed the cream of tartar with a 1999 expiry date. I’d never opened it (I don’t even know why I had it, because I whip my egg whites without…)  Anyway,  I finally tossed it.

I have more spices in the freezer compartment, and you becha’…  I sorted through all of them too.

I’m sure it is all too clear that I’m anxious to be healthy again and back to some more stimulating activities… I see the doc on Wednesday, let’s see what he says.



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14 responses to “Jorge, Me and the TV

  1. lbailliebowie

    I see you are moving around the house…please don’t overdo it!

    • Thanks Rainie… but I feared I’d soon get bedsores! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in Bed… Jorge too. But tomorrow we see the doctor. Yeah! We’ll see what he says.

  2. Jade

    Hope you two are on the mend! I too have some weird virus that’s left me with no energy
    And all I want to do is SLEEP! It comes in waves…one minute I’m Okay, the next, blah!
    Our strange weather has a profound effect…no to mention all the pollen out there!
    Allergies! Go away! Trying to drown out the bugs in my system….take Jade:o(

    • The environment seems less and less hospitable, doesn’t it? This bug is from Chiapas where the temperature can drop 10 degrees C. in 5 minutes! It has also left me with zero energy… Get well Jade, hope to see you soon.

  3. So looking at your photos I notice the Badia spices which I have to buy in Florida and bring to St Louis. I use the adobo, Badia complete, sason, achiote, etc. Are they available in Merida? If so it would be one less thing I would need to bring with me! Thanks.

  4. Marianne

    Happy to hear you’re back to the “able to write” stage. And thank you from the “out-and-about-ers” for graciously recovering at home. This must have been a most evil bug to get someone like you down. Look on the bright side – the last time I organized my spices must have been when we moved here, and I found four cream of tartars.

  5. jan morgan

    Please feel better, both of you!

  6. Oh Joanna,
    I so understand, In my rather poor bronchitis state I made the effort today to reitre my winter clothes and pull out the summer ones. Also started to tackle the open shelving which, as you pointed out brings discoveries long forgotten.
    I was supposed to go to be rechecked at IMSS today but just couldn’t face going downtown to see the doctor. I see we are rather on the same track. The only thing is I haven’t taken any down time and I will try to do that very soon…

    • Nancy, you must take the time to get better. If Jorge and I have needed to take a week off, you probably do too. So forget all the things you think you HAVE to do… you DON’T have to do them, just stay home, put your feet up and get better.

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