After a somewhat lengthy absence due to a most miserable respiratory infection, I am back “Writing From Merida.”  Well, sort of…

Jorge and I are no longer in the infectious stage, and as of today we are off the antibiotics, But there’s still coughing, congestion and fatigue to contend with, so almost-daily posts will not resume just yet.

Nonetheless, I want to send Happy Easter Greetings… even if you don’t celebrate the public holiday. I have always thought of Easter as the day that heralds good things…

As a child, Easter’s arrival meant that we could eat sweets again (we always had to give them up for Lent) and for Easter Sunday Mass we girls got new dresses. Usually these were made by our mother, and as you can see in the photo, my three younger sisters’ ensembles were often cut from the same fabric.  As the ‘oldest’ I got a different print but always the same color.                                   

One year, my daughter and her cousin took to the idea of Easter bonnets…

Another,  we had a “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”…

At our house we always have an Easter egg hunt and a special family lunch…

In 2010, Jorge and I saw Elton John at Chichen Itza and spent Easter Sunday in Izamal…

The happy memory associated with this Easter will be the fact that both Jorge and I are getting well.

My daughter Maggie baked a coconut cake and she will bring it over for us to share – like a great BIG Easter egg…

Enjoy your day!



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13 responses to “HALLELUJAH!

  1. lbailliebowie

    The new beginnings of Easter came just in time for you to get well. I’m so happy you are feeling better.

  2. Lee

    So glad to see you writing from Merida again! The blogosphere wasn’t the same without you. Keep getting healthier!

  3. Nancy Walters

    Happy Easter to you my dear friend and I hope you, Jorge, Maggie, Ricardo and his folks have a lovely relaxing day.
    Make merry!
    Love, Nancy

  4. Joanne

    That is a lovely photo of you and Jorge at the top of the post. And I enlarged the photo of your family and see how much you resemble your Mother!

    I am glad to hear that you are beginning to rebound. Take good care.

    • The photo is also one of my favorites. And yes, I do look like my mom in some ways and also like my dad if I’m seen from other angles… funny how that is.

  5. Donna

    I was getting worried about you Joany and am so glad you two are recovering. Keep resting though, don’t want a relapse!! Give my happy Easter love to everyone!

  6. Happy you are doing better, just make sure to take it easy.

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