I have not been posting regularly partly because I felt so ill and because my internet connection also had a bug of some kind. Both of us are now on the mend.


Give me it down to there – hair
Shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there mama
Everywhere daddy, daddy

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair!

From the musical “HAIR”  *Lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado  *Music by Galt MacDermot

I would say that next to women’s obsession with weight, our hair ranks a close second.

A couple of years ago, Oprah did a show all about black women’s hair and the multiple challenges they face trying to keep their thick tight curls under control.

I wish she’d done a follow-up show about women like me who have poker straight fine hair. I NEED advice about what I can do to keep mine looking even a bit stylish. All my crowning glory wants to do is hang like a limp curtain.

Believe me, I have tried to find the perfect style, color and look. The pictures here attest to some of my efforts.

For about a year, I stopped dying it and wore it spiked. I loved the easy care but finally my daughter could not stay silent another minute; she sat me down and said, “Mom I love you – I hate your hair.”

So off to the Salon I marched to have color restored – but what color? I have been through every shade “Miss Clairol” makes… some have been a HUGE surprise. Like the time it came out pink (just before my 40th high school reunion…)

I curl it and it looks great – for about half an hour, then the bounce goes flat and I’m left with a few kinks and cowlick-looking bits and pieces

I had hair extensions woven on for my daughter’s wedding. They worked well but if you touched my head, it felt like an enameled helmet. So, no… that is not a feasible every day do.

Last Saturday, I went to get my hair colored and it came out grey – this has      happened before and believe me, I do NOT look good with turtle dove-colored locks.

So, I have taken drastic steps…

“Hm-m-m-m-m,” I thought…   “I have always wanted to be a redhead.” As a little girl, I coveted my cousin’s curly fiery halo… and  tonight, I definitely have red – no curls, but I’ve got my trusty blow dryer and new cans of mousse and spray. These two working along with “Mr. Roller Brush” will at least give me a little volume… Of course there will be roots to deal with soon. But I’m taking it “one day at a time…”



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21 responses to “Hair

  1. sharron mcgrath

    Hi Joanna: I just logged onto this hair exchange. It is a real conundrum why no gal is happy with the locks God gave her. However, with my dark red-black mane I must admit that light haired gals do have more fun. At least you can have the fun of experimenting with different colours and if one doesn’t work then you can move on to something else. For me to go to a blonde or red shade would be a real big deal as my natural colour would have to be all stripped out – I tried this one time when I got steaks and instead of the hair turning a light blonde which I expected it ended up a fiery red. Anyway that was my biggest experiment with lightening the hair. Now when I go to the hairdresser to get a colour “enhancement” they want to lighten it which means that in a month’s time the dark roots make their appearance. So it seems you just can’t win no matter what you try so my advice is if you think you can pull it off just do it and enjoy, enjoy. About black ladies and their hair. I have seem the many beautiful braided styles they are so fortunate to be able to wear. They are real works of art.

    • Yes Sharon… we are all in the same boat. I have decided to try red because no blonde shades seem to “take” anymore (my natural color is almost all grey or white) So we shall see… stay tuned!

  2. You look gorgeous as a redhead! But, as Jennifer says, red is hard to maintain. It fades quickly in the sun. My chestnut-y auburn is almost strawberry blonde after 3 weeks in Yucatan. If you can find it, Tone N Shine by Farouk, is wonderful for keeping your red, red. Judging by the colour in your photo, I’d suggest either the Red Auburn or Red Mahogany. A hat helps guard against fading, as well.

    As to keeping your style…product, product, product. Can’t emphasize it enough. And use enough of it. Most people don’t. Product is the foundation of every hairstyle. Not using it, or not using enough of it, is like trying to build a house but using plastic bottles for the foundation. The house will fall. Same with your hairstyle. My favourite for volume, is AG’s Bigg Wigg Root Volumizer. If that’s still not strong enough then I like Joico’s Joi-Whip Firm. Finish with an aerosol spray, not a spritz. Spritz sprays are too heavy for fine hair.

    The turtle dove grey locks were probably a result of your stylist over-toning. The young girls are paying good money for that grey look. It boggles the mind…lol.

    • Thanks for the compliment and all your great advice. Now I am going to write down all those product names and find someone to carry them down for me… I am enjoying my red hair and want to keep it that way.

      • A quick note on the Tone N Shine…consider wearing gloves when you’re applying it. It can stain. The gloves worn by dentists, etc, are the best and can be purchased at the drugstore. In Canada, anyways. Not sure about Mexico. It can stain clothing, too, especially when wet so don’t use your best white towels when you wash your hair. The products I suggested are salon products which may or may not be available in drugstores.

      • Thanks Barb, I have not tried to find the products yet… not sure they are available here. But thanks for the tips about staining

  3. Katrina

    I remember the “poodle” perm that you had years ago… you remember that????? Not one of the top ten of the world’s hairstyles.

  4. Joanna… if we are talking preferneces i like the spikey look best!
    Glad to hear you and Jorge are over the bugs….now to contend with the bugs of summer in the gardens.
    love always

    • Valerie… I liked the spikey look too but it got a little old… I miss you… are you coming to Merida soon? WE are much better but not up to a day away yet.

  5. Redheads really do have the most fun, but red is very difficult to maintain. The same color dye can react differently to the sun and everything else. And roots seemed to show up faster under red than other colors. if you liked your experience with pink, you might consider kicking that up a level by going with a fantasy color like fuschia. Believe me, it’ll change your life.

    • I love your enthusiasm and good pointers. I am still getting used to my new color and do a double take when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, so I think I know what you mean… hair color makes a STATEMENT, doesn’t it? I’ll keep you posted

  6. Ken

    Joanna, although we have not met, I think the color is fantastic on you! I am coming to Merida for my first visit on Saturday for two weeks. Your blog has been part of the inspiration for me to do so. As I am out and about in the city and previewing different homes during my visit, perhaps I will better be able to spot you with your new color and have the opportunity to introduce myself. So very happy you and Jorge are feeling better! Stay well …

  7. Looks great! I thought your hair always looked great. I don’t know too many people who love their own hair type. With my coarse, thick and frizz-prone strands I always envy people with finer, straighter, or more voluptuously curly locks.

  8. Wow!! Love it! But actually, I’ve liked almost everything change you’ve done to your hair. Now to buy the shampoos that keep it red! Have fun as a red-head Joanna!

  9. Lee

    I love the pelo rojo! The photo is shades of Debbie Reynolds in her “Unsinkable Molly Brown” days. I’ve been toying with hair color in the last year ever since an impulsive morning with Robert Abuda. I wanted Gordon Ramsay’s bright hues, but I have too much natural red — do you want some of it? For me, the color thickens the parts that are getting thin, something I remind myself when I get discouraged with all the maintenance.

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