In Praise of the Pool…

Everyone loves our pool

As a child I loved to swim. I took lessons, and in my teens became    certified as a life-guard. I never missed a chance to be in the water. When I moved to Mérida, I felt so happy to have the Gulf of México just 45 minutes from our house.

Jorge and I used to go to Progreso, every chance we got. We’d walk along the beach for hours… feast on fish at one of the many palapa bars…  those were the days my friend!

Needless to say, my fair skin couldn’t take a lifetime of that much sun exposure, and once our children were born… beach time turned into family time.

Our kids loved going to Jorge’s parents’ place in Progreso, but he and I had to look after them, there were a bunch of other family also staying at the house, huge meals to fix and so on. It was “nice” but Jorge and I missed the way it used to be.

Then… five years ago we renovated our home and we put in a pool. This has changed our life. Literally – changed our life. We don’t have a problem on hot, hot days because we can jump into our pool whenever we please.  And when we’ve had enough sun, we simply step back inside… We use the pool year-round, and no, it isn’t heated.

Putting in a pool is not as expensive as you would think… you don’t need a huge amount of space… and upkeep is not as onerous as you’ve maybe heard. We have never looked back and wonder why we didn’t invest in this pleasure years ago.

And our family also ask that question! Everyone loves our pool…

I can feel that the really humid summer weather is coming… If you do not have a pool, invest in one of those plastic ones. They come in all sizes and will help to keep you hydrated and happy.

If you are building or renovating, try to make a pool part of your plan.  In Yucatán, even a small dunking pool is as comforting as a roaring fireplace is to northern folks on long winter nights.

Swim on!



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10 responses to “In Praise of the Pool…

  1. Ron

    As we plan for our move next year, a pool has moved from a “want”, to darn near a requirement.

    • Absolutely… you won’t regret upgrading the pool to “requirement” status. Staying cool is the number one priority most of the year and so anything you can do to accomplish this is very important.

  2. Tracy Coates

    Just got out of the pool. This is the 3rd house we have rented in Merida and would never have one without a pool. Will definitely put one in when we have our own place! You are correct re the need for a fireplace up north a very comforting thing indeed.

  3. louise

    A pool is my favourite indulgence – even in Ontario. I cant imagine being in Merida without one but I will admit to not having been in Merida long enough to think of a heater being required in December! But the pool in Toronto certainly does! Heaven!

  4. I put in a pool exactly a year ago, and I also ask myself why I took so long in taking this decision. It was less expensive than a new car, and will be there forever! I love it!

  5. lbailliebowie

    Lovely pool with happy people. My pool needs a little help. Anyone know how to remove mineral deposits from the pool tile that makes a boarder just above the water line?
    Thanks Rainie

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