Revamping the Blog

This boat breaking through the ice shows how I feel as I revamp my blog

When I started this blog two years ago, I envisioned it as a writers’ blog. But I quickly discovered that I could not write too much on the topic.  Only other writers are remotely interested in reading works in progress – the others want to see the finished product…

Neither are many people willing to listen to “writer whining.” My concerns about plot, character development, POV, etc. really are not relevant to their world – they want to see all that resolved, and sitting prettily between two covers…

(She sighs…) So since I couldn’t write about writing all the time, I developed my other categories… and I’ve had a great time…

But after 372 posts, I feel it is time to revamp the blog. It will keep the same name but will have new categories and pages:

Vida Latina: Mexican and Latin American art, culture, language, history, music, food, festivals

Writing:  I will post short stories and so on from time to time

Destinations: Trips I have taken, current trips, Trips I want to take

Guest Bloggers: Posts by other bloggers (send me your posts, starting today…)

Family and Friends: Special occasions and remembrances

Commentary: Current events: social & political

All my former posts will remain in the Archive.

It goes without saying that this re-structuring will take me a while to complete… I am not very technically inclined.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new  “Writing From Merida”



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4 responses to “Revamping the Blog

  1. Also, Joanna–as you and other bloggers have noted, blogging does breed friendships. Speaking for only myself, I’m not comfortable offering writing feedback except in a face-to-face interaction. Were I a real editor, it would be different–it’s an editor’s job to provide such feedback.

    Why face-to-face? Because if someone cares about the ongoing interaction, it’s helpful to read the non-verbal reactions to the feedback. It’s a bit like using my broken Spanish–much easier to do in person than on the telephone or in writing. Communicating in person allows a quick-correction of one’s offerings seem to be misunderstood.

    I like your new game-plan very much.

  2. Lee

    It’s been only two years? Seems like I’ve been reading it for longer than that. Of course, that’s impossible. The great thing about blogs is they are easy to reformat. Just don’t do the mistake I once did… I had all my posts organized under different tags. When I re-named them, it played havoc with Google search. Changing categories is fine, though, for some reason.

    • Good thing you told me that… I probably would have tried to do something and got it all messed up. Just making the changes I did was about the limit of my abiliyu

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