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A couple of weeks back, I wrote about all the TV programs I have been watching, and how I figured that none of them were very worth my time.

Something that not everyone knows about me is just how much I LOVE music. All kinds of music… and I go through phases of favorites genres. But some artists are pretty consistently on my Top Ten list. Among them are Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. They are unique; their range is phenomenal.

To say more about this, I must confess a little secret… Over the past month I have been watching (ahem) “American Idol.” Even the name used to put me off and the idea of a bunch of new kids singing covers did nothing for me. But… I have seen amazing talent on this show. Tonight Stevie Nicks was the guest artist and one of the fabulous young women Elise Testone belted out the Zeppelin classic “Whole Lotta Love.” In fact all the contestants were at the top of their game.

The judges of this talent search are Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Randy Jackson who worked as a musician with Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia before getting his big break in the band Journey, and Jennifer Lopez who sings, dances, acts… They do a good job of counterpointing one another.

So indeed I have learned not to pass off television altogether.

Are you wondering who my other favorite eight artists are?  They are pretty predictable (for a 60s girl who has lived most of her adult life in México!): Leonard  Cohen, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Pepe Aguilar, Alejandro Fernandez, Carlos Santana, and Shakira.

Now fess up… do you watch “American Idol?”… Who is on your “Top Ten?”

Thanks to Google Images for the visuals… and You Tube for the music links



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22 responses to “Top Ten

  1. I’m with you on the music, particularly Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, I also love Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Neil Young, and today, Lynn Miles (Canadian) Your blog is interesting and I would like to send you brief writings or a link to my in-the process blog. I too am a writer, live half the year in Mazatlan, and the other in the Muskoka woods. Quite a contrast. Thanks for your informative articles, Angela

    • Definitely we share the same musical tastes… I would be happy to receive your writing. As you have read, I have a new catagory “Guest Bloggers” So send me what you have… Thanks for writing.

  2. Yes, I can see how having children would open one’s ears. Guess I can give this as my reason for my failure to “get” electronica and even much on Idol, especially the screamers. My choices show my age, but so be it. You’re lucky, Joanna, to have been able to enlarge your musica preferences so much.

    My own current favorites are: Harry Belafonte, Elvis Presley,
    Peter Paul & Mary, Kathleen Battle, Placido Domingo, Marian Anderson,
    and, contemporarily: Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Norah Jones, and La Oreja de Van Gogh. Most of these are available on You Tube, including:

    Rodrigo y Gabriela at:
    Marian Anderson:
    Norah Jones:
    La Oreja de Van Gogh:

    • Thanks for the comment and the links… I’ll be listening to them. Yes, the children do keep our music tastes up-to-date. Except during the 80s when they were little guys. All we listened to through that decade was Raffi, Walt Disney records and Muppets. I think I could still recite the entire “Dumbo” long play!

  3. Have you seen Latin American Idol? I’m an Idol fan no matter the ccountry. So sad about Dick Clark’s passing.

    • Yes I have seen it but not very often… there’s another show too where Jennifer Lopez goes all over Latin America scouting unusual talent. She sure finds it! Dick Clark will be missed but he did what he loved for many years, didn’t he?

  4. Katrina

    Saw the prelinary “Idol” while I was in Merida, like to see the strange contestants who get eliminated and the judges’ comments. Afterwards, don’t bother with it. I’m with you for Alejando and good old Montreal boy Leonard Cohen. Love Arabic music. Check out Natacha Atlas singing “Kiddo” (if interested)

    • Thanks, I will check the link. Did you look at any of those in the post? Leonard is there singing Suzanne (my favorite)

      • Katrina

        I have several of Leonard’s CD’s….love Suzanne as well, he wrote so much good music and great texts..he is a poet, and although his voice is not the greatest, we LISTEN when he sings. Have kd. langs “Hallelulah” as well as L’s interpretation…they are both great.
        Natacha Atlas…she is a fantastic. Another of her songs is “Gafsa” and “Rah”……LOVE her. I know all your “10”‘s….the only one I don’t like is Bob Dylan, although I love the verson of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Gun’s and Roses (I think)

      • Bob Dylan… so many memories attached to his older music. I like a lot of the newer stuff but am not wild about what he records with “The Band” I think that when he’s good, he’s really, really good

      • Katrina

        Alejandro’s song is “Donde vas tan sola, donde vas solita” is my favourite of his, have it on my “desk” for a quick listen, along with some tradional Quebec music, Natacha, Pavarotti, some African music, and Arabic.

      • All good choices… musical taste is as individual as the people themselves. Right now I’m listening to Maroon Five

  5. Elvira

    Hi Joanna, I have never watched Idol regularly BUT last season I got hooked! They had this 16 year old boy named Scotty McCreery, from the performance I knew he was going to win, if you can, picture this little old lady rooting for a teenager! Check him out @ youtube.

  6. I have to confess that I have been hooked on Idol for the first time this season. I’m glad you mentioned Elise Testone. She is my absolute favorite and I’m so afraid she will be voted off this week, I voted 50 times for her last night (the maximum number of votes is 50). Her voice is amazing to me. All of the top 7 are extremely talented, but I’m pulling for her. My next favorite is Joshua Ledet, a master of gospel soul. I think all of these singers will get a record contract. They are all that good.

  7. I’m a secret ‘idol’ watcher too…… but I record it and just watch the singing, I can’t stand the other stuff. Bruce Springsteen… oh yes the boss is the best! Otherwise it’s jazz all the way!

    • You’re smart… there are a LOT of ads and unnecessary commentary on Idol. Bruce Springsteen… oh yes. Jazz? I like some but not Scat. Actually there is great music in all genres. From my daughter, I have even learned to like electronica

  8. Lee

    You crazy kids and your rock n roll. What’s next, pink hair?

  9. Hi Jacquie… you logged on while I was still composing. That’s why you could see it. But it’s waiting for you now…

  10. Jacquie

    Where is the rest of the story…..?

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