A Heads Up

A very special concert will be held on Wednesday April 25th, 9:00 pm, in the gardens of the “Museo de la Canción Yucateca.”  The two very popular artists who will perform together are Maricarmen Perez and Ligia Camara.

Both have amazing voices. Maricarmen’s instrument is the guitar and Ligia’s is the piano… I anticipate a truly incredible show.

When Ligia’s deep soulful contralto and her virtuoso playing fill a room, the entire audience seems to sigh and snuggle into their seats. Enraptured… they allow Ligia to lull them into a soothing, cosseted state of mind. Then she looks out over the crowd… smiles slowly… and erupts like Mount Vesuvius!  Her rousing Mexican rock and roll renditions electrify the air and the former snoozers are up on their feet clapping in time to the music… in fact I’ve seen some of them move into the aisle to jive… Then she’ll ease into Jazz or Blues, often in English.

Maricarmen strides onto the stage… her lovely face smiles, her dark red hair bounces and her beautifully dressed figure sways seductively in time to the music she chooses to sing on any given night. She began her career, I’m told, with singing Bossa nova while she still attended high school. She loves Trova, Folk, and Jazz. With her torch-singer range, she knows just how to cast her spell. I have attended many of her performances, and never cease to be amazed at the way she connects with everyone in the audience… making us all behave like putty in her hands.                                                           

Like many of the cultural events in Mérida, the admission will be free, but you had better arrive in good time if you want a seat. ‘Hope to see you next Wednesday!

P.S: My thanks to Khaki Scott for a heads-up…

She sent me this link to a film clip of Ligia Camara and Maricarmen Perez in the late 1970s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yLWrDKgXgs



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8 responses to “A Heads Up

  1. Ken

    Thank you for providing the information about the concert on Wednesday! I am having such a nice visit and am looking forward to attending the performance!

  2. The YouTube videos I think I love the best are the ones of all of Yucatan’s greats when they were just kids. They didn’t know they would become “the greats.” They were just playing music, singing and having a grand time. There’s even a YouTube video of Ligia Camara and Maricarmen Perez in the late 1970s. These ladies have earned their stripes as reigning entertainment royalty in Yucatan – as well as being fine fine human beings.

    • Well said Khaki. And along with Maricarmen and Ligia, Yucatan can boast a host of other fine musicians. The camaraderie between them is extraordinary and their generosity towards the community is exemplary. I’m going to try and find the You Tube video from the 1970s… it could be that I was at that concert!

  3. Marianne

    The concert is Wednesday, the 25th. I’ll see you there.

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