Boot Camp to Better Health

Some of you may remember that at about this time last year, I did a cleanse. For two weeks I ate only mega-healthy food. Well since then, my salt-loving, sweet-tooth, wine appreciating, carb-craving body has reverted back to all its bad habits.

The Cleanse was not easy, but the two weeks were very beneficial, and I know I should do it again. However, the mere thought of going through it alone is more than I can abide.

When my friend Valerie Pickles who owns “The Pickled Onion Restaurant” came to visit yesterday, we hit on a great idea. To make a long story short, Valerie and I want to put on a two week “retreat” at her place in Santa Elena. (Sorry fellas but because of space restrictions, this will be a “Ladies Only” event – if it goes well, maybe we’ll do one for guys in the future…)

We’ll start each morning with meditation and during the days we’ll fill our minds and exercise our bodies with all sorts of interesting and stimulating activities. Walking, yoga, water aerobics, painting, drawing, photography, and writing are a few of the ideas we’ve had… nothing is cast in stone just yet, and we would certainly like to hear from potential participants about what they’d like to do during our two week “boot camp to better health.”

We hope to have a group of 10. We’ll stay in Valerie’s guest rooms and will be “fed and watered” by her excellent staff. The dates we have in mind are Monday June 4th – Sunday June 17th

If you like the idea of joining us… let me know by leaving a comment. I will then e-mail you back with more info.



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6 responses to “Boot Camp to Better Health

  1. Hijole ! As I think you know I am keeping a watchful eye on a mutual friend’s residence for the next two months so the dates don’t work but the idea is wonderful and so tempting.

  2. Joann

    Depending on my back as I am having out patient surgery this thursday it sounds very interesting to me! Please keep me posted. Hugs Jo

  3. Good morning Joanna. What a fabulous idea. I will be on baby-watch during that time – Andrea is due June 13th. Maybe next time. What a commitment ….

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