Hobbsie under the Christmas tree

Twelve and a half years ago, a “little bundle of joy” came into our lives. He weighed about a pound, had a long fluffy orange tail and ears that seemed far too big compared with the rest of him. He also had a loud, long, non-stop meow…

His favorite thing in all the world was raw meat. And so it should have been; he had been abandoned in the local market, and the butchers’ stands were good places to find a tasty morsel or two.

Stray dogs would also congregate near the meat area but as they weren’t as small and nimble, they rarely made it inside the inner sanctum to where the wee orange fluff ball dined happily on pork scraps, chicken guts and bits of beef offal. One of those scruffy canines decided that the impertinent cat had taken one liberty too many, and as the puss pranced past the pack, he was caught in the “jaws of death.”

Enter I… see what’s going down … and smack the mutt’s snout! Out tumbled the kitty. I stuffed him into my market bag for safety and he promptly fell asleep. I think he must have been exhausted by his brush with the Hereafter.

Well, there’s nothing harder to resist than a fluffy baby cat… and home with me he came.

The kids and Jorge were enchanted; we named him Hobbsie and he has been an integral part of our household ever since. He grew and grew and grew, and got fluffier, fluffier and fluffier. He knew he was beautiful and he lorded it over all the other cats; he even scorned us! He never was very affectionate, but he was funny! He was a great hunter and regularly brought me tokens of his loyalty: birds, snakes, mice, bugs, lizards… Once a day he’d jump up on my lap, allow me to pat him a few minutes… and that was enough mushy stuff until tomorrow.

As you’ve gathered… Hobbsie is gone. He died today at 5:00 pm. I watched him take his last breath and his eyes glassed-over. I don’t believe he suffered… he was just old… for a tropical kitty.

He’s already buried, underneath the palm tree against the back wall. There are lots of crawly things back there, and there’s lots of shade… I think it’s a good resting place. But I… I will miss my furry friend very much.

Maggie saying goodbye to Hobbsie as she left our home for her wedding



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26 responses to “Hobbsie…

  1. I am sure, Joanna, that it will take a long time for your family to stop missing Hobbsie. Many of us lose pets along the way, but there are some we never really forget, the extraordinary ones.

    • That is so true. I just made a tuna salad for lunch and I automatically found myself setting a little aside for Hobbsie… then I remembered… it is very sad-

  2. Theresa in Mérida

    I am so sorry to hear that Hobbsie has passed on. I know how special he was to you and your family.

  3. Jan

    Actually there was a ‘bad ass’ cat in there somewhere…more power to him as he journeys on…I love cats!!! Jan

    • Oh yes, I’ll be the first to say that Hobbsie was definitely a “bad ass” No one who knew him could say he was sweet. BUt you know what they say… every girl loves a bad boy!

  4. Nancy Walters

    I will miss his presence and the opportunity to “look after” him. A regal kitty who was in charge of his neighborhood. Sweet dreams Hobbsie!

  5. Joanne

    Joanna, I am sorry to hear of Hobbsie’s passing. He sounds like he was a great cat. What is it about cats? They can be so aloof yet make their way into your heart. He obviously had a wonderful home with you.


    • I think that cats command your respect. They do as they like and if you know they love you, you feel as though you’ve earned a prize of some kind.

  6. Marianne

    A very moving tribute to one of the “characters” in the story that’s your life. Hobbsie did his job – he trained his family well.

  7. Donna

    Even I liked Hobbsie Joany and you know how I feel about cats! So sorry to hear that he is gone. I was just looking at my Christmas pics the other day and had a laugh at the one where Hobbsie took himself to the corner when things got too busy in the kitchen. Hugs to you and Jorge.

  8. That’s a beautiful eulogy for a very lucky kitty. And kitty knew how lucky he was.

  9. George

    If your lucky, a special animal will come into your life. I’ve had many cats of which only one was special. That was many years ago, now I have another that is going in that direction, he also is orange.You were lucky to have him and provide a good home for him. I feel your loss.

  10. Tonia Kimsey

    Tonia Kimsey, My Dear Joanna and Jorge. Sooo very sorry about your Kitty…He was very beautiful and I loved seeing him each time I visited. I know how difficult it is. With love, Tonia

  11. Ken

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I know how hard a loss like this is and I know Hobbsie is happy and resting peacefully. Look at the sky tonight and each night that passes and you will see a shining star with his name on it that will always remind you of the happiness that he brought into your life. He was very lucky to have been rescued, have a nice home and loving family and that you were with him to say goodbye! Life does not get better than this!

    • He did have a good life! And he will be missed. I thought it was so amazing how my “unsentimental” cat seemed to have waited to say goodbye to me. Thank you Ken for your sweet note.

  12. Maggie

    awww mom this was a really sweet post, we will all miss hobbsie! xoxo

  13. Jan Morgan

    so sorry for your loss, Joanna!

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