Mothers Day in Mexico: 2012

Mom and Me: North Vancouver 1954

The children don’t have school today. The sidewalks are lined with flowers for sale (Quick! Buy them before they wilt in the fierce Yucatecan sun!) Restaurants are filled to capacity…

It is Mothers Day in Mexico. I am not sure why Mexicans have chosen May 10th to honor “Las Mamás” … but honor them, they do.

Jorge and I invited his 94 year old mom and Victoria her lovely nurse to our house for lunch. Jorge’s brother and his family, as well as our daughter Maggie made up our festive table of eight.

I miss being with our son Carlos and his wife Jeanette … we tried all morning to at least talk with one another on the phone but had no success. I guess the phone circuits are as saturated as the eateries. Tomorrow will have to do.

Skip forward a few hours… our baked ham, lemon pasta, salad and fruit tart  were thoroughly enjoyed, and the left-overs have been stored in the fridge. The dishwasher is sloshing away, and the guests have gone home. At this precise moment, I imagine they are doing just what we’re doing: taking a siesta in the AC cooled room.

But I am not sleeping… I am missing my mom. I was born just a day before Mothers Day, and my dad said she cried when he gave her a card that he signed from, “Your baby daughter,  Joany” I have that card saved with my special mementoes… It has faded but my memories of her remain crystal clear. Thank God I have so many…

One of the most cherished is of her presence at the birth of my daughter. It was 3:00 am when Jorge, Mom and I arrived at Clinica Mérida; we all knew the birth was imminent. “The doctor will be here as soon as possible,” said the nervous admitting nurse. I had begun to pant and her coworker whispered urgently, “That baby is ready!”

“My mom has to come with me,” I insisted, “She’s an obstetrics nurse in Canada.” The labor room nurse agreed and   handed Mom a gown and mask… My mom and the nurse hoisted me up on the table, they both scrubbed up, and at 03:20, my mother “caught” Maggie as she came hollering into the world. “Look at your daughter!” she said, then added, “She will be a good daughter to you because you have been a good daughter to me.”

The nurses, Mom, Maggie and I were all in tears when Dr. Canto strode into the delivery room at 03:30. “You’re too late!” my mother said in English. He just smiled… “I don’t think so; it looks as though I came at just the right time.”

I feel blessed to have such memories. And because she made so many for me, this is what I try and do for my children. Simon and Garfunkle said it well:

“Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you”

The photos are part of my memories:

Mom and me

Carlos and Me

Maggie and Me

Happy Mothers Day to all…



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5 responses to “Mothers Day in Mexico: 2012

  1. Happy mothers day! I love you and am looking forward to seeing you next month. love, Carlos

    • Good to finally talk with you earlier this evening… As you say, it will be even better next month when we see each other. Love to you and Jeanette from all of us in Merida

  2. Nancy Walters

    I know you had a lovely day filled with memories. Just think of the loving memories you have given your own children already.
    Happy Mother’s Day amiga!

  3. Deanna Lagroix

    Happy Mother’s Day, Joanna and what a treasure you had in your Mom.

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