Delighted by Bob Dylan

“How does it feel? Tell me how does it feel?”

It’s hard to put into words how I feel in the afterglow of the Bob Dylan concert: “Like a Rolling Stone” … “Just Like a Woman”… “Forever Young” … “It’s All Good” … “Positively 4th Street” … “Tangled Up in Blue” … all those things and then some…

Last Saturday night my friend Colleen and I had reserved spots in what we feared would be like the mosh pits we’ve seen on MTV. We figured we’d better arrive early in order to secure our places. But the “Pepsi Center,” part of Mexico City’s WTC, pleasantly surprised us. Coming through the big glass doors, cute-as-can-be “Indio Beer” girls greeted us, and after accepting their plastic cups of ale, we headed for the real bar. Great 60s & 70s music (Stones, Doors, Queen, Hendrixs and Dylan of course …) blared from huge speakers and I felt transported back in time (many decades of time…)

Holding different plastic cups, containing liberal sloshes of tequila, we located “Zona B” and plunked ourselves down… right along the wrought iron line that divided those who had (comfy seats) from those who had not (any seats at all) We quickly struck up conversation with the diverse group of Dylan fans surrounding us. Old, young and in between, we smiled … thrilled to be in one another’s fine company. All were suitably impressed that Colleen and I had come from so far to hear our guy play.

The “Pepsi Center” venue is not huge and we could see the stage very clearly. We felt as happy as two aging girls with bum knees sitting cross-legged on the floor could possibly feel. The tequila helped a lot… and with the medicinal benefits in mind, we went and got more. We were feeling no pain at all when at 9:00 pm – sharp, Bob Dylan strode out on stage. Like gazelles, Colleen and I sprang to our feet… jumping and jiving with the best of ‘em.

I hoped I’d hear my very favorite song, and Colleen wanted to hear one of hers, but if that wasn’t in the cards, it didn’t matter, it was enough to be in the same room with the man whose music had accompanied both of us through so many good and not-good-at-all times. And Bobby D. did not disappoint…

His voice has always been gravelly, and now at almost 74, it sounds like a sack of jagged boulders being dragged across the floor. His playing twangs and bangs more than it strums and soothes, and his moves hardly exude the energy they once did, but: “Don’t think twice it’s alright.”  To us, Bob Dylan looked and sounded better than ever. I won’t detail the play list in this post, but if you want to read what some other fans had to say and the get the blow-by-blow, click on this link.

We felt ecstatic to be at Saturday night’s concert. I will never forget it. But our 48 hours in Mexico City included many other fun and funny moments. I’ll write more tomorrow…

Image: The credit for the one photo I have of the concert goes to Colleen. We were asked not to bring cameras and we complied with that… but one little snap taken with the cell phone was too hard to resist. Blurry and teeny it may be, but really… by the end of the evening, our vision was of about the same clarity. A good time was had by all… Thank you Mr. Tambourine Man!



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10 responses to “Delighted by Bob Dylan

  1. Today, Bob Dylan was presented the Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama. This medal is the US highest civilian award.

    • That’s absolutely wonderful. He deserves that and so much more. With his music Bob Dylan moved our generation into a deeper political consciousness and he continues to do the same with this generation. There were so many young people at the concert and when he say Blowin in the Wind, the crowd went crazy. I have listened to his music at some point nearly every day of my adult life yet never had the opportunity to see him live. To finally do so was a deeply emotional experience (and a LOT of fun!) Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. Loretta

    Sorry I’m so late to the party. I’ve been building teapots. that’s another story. I’m so happy and proud of you and Colleen for going to DF to see Dylan. I saw him in Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in 1960- something. It was the famous concert when he went “electric”. He’d been a flat out folkie until then. I didn’t quite understand at the time why people were booing. so young, so naive. Anyway, just had to share. Good on your girls. Love you and miss you terribly.

    • Oh Loretta you shoulda’ been there… you would have loved it. Yes it was a defferent Dylan than the guy singing on my beloved “Nashville Skyline” or “Blonde on Blonde” albums but “the times they are a changin'” right? And of course he has such a presence… I will never forget the night.

  3. VERY interesting description, Joanna. You’ve captured so many sentiments, in a relatively brief space. Even to someone “crowd-averse” like myself, it’s fun. Thanks.

  4. Ken

    I knew you would have fun! Thank you for sharing the highlights with us!

  5. Jan Morgan

    So glad you had a wonderful time! Sounds magical…

    • It was Jan; It was my first (probably last) Dylan concert and I feel so lucky to have been there

      • Oh yes, Colleen and I had fun and more than that… we got the chance to be somewhere we thought we’d never be. Living most of my adult life in Merida, I’ve not had too many opportunities to see concerts by US artists whose music has remained a big part of my life.

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