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I have added a new link to my blogroll… Be sure to have a good, long look! “And Then They Were Gone” chronicles the travels (both physical and emotional) of Brian and Deya from Vancouver, BC, Canada who set out on their motorcycles two years ago. Destination: “Parts Unknown…”

What I’ve seen on the blog so far has caused the colors in my mind to shine with new verve and I feel like I too, am on the road again…   Their chronicle takes me back more than 40 years to my own South American adventure. I can still recall entire days: what I wore, who I was with, what we did, what we ate…

What fun! Reading “And Then They Were Gone” has sparked the spontaneous escape of so many fantastic feelings and    memories… of when I was too young to have any fear of the unknown and was not old enough to be concerned about anything other than my own freedom and self discovery.

In his latest post Brian expresses concern that their imminent arrival back to Vancouver will cause them to lose the sense of adventure they have lived these past two years… and his fears are well founded. But, even though we need to make concessions from time to time, our minds can remain free… we can shape our own destiny.

Many of you who are reading this post have done a similar thing. You left your homes wherever, and started new lives in Merida. You are living your own (albeit older) version of “And Then They Were Gone.” Experiencing life in another country opens a person’s eyes to new sights and opens the heart to new passion. I feel so fortunate that my life has remained an open road…

When Brian and Deya came through Merida they bought a house. So sometime in the near future they’ll be back… I look forward to seeing them again and in the meantime, I’ll be reading the follow-up chapters of their amazing journey.

Photo Credits: All images are from Brian and Deya’s blog



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2 responses to “Check this out!

  1. I swear–sometimes my iTunes is psychic! I gave up on a computer problem I was having, turned on iTunes, and here came this song! It’s a perfect compliment to your latest post.

    Lots of luck to the “wildflowers”, Bryan & Deya,

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