Calling all writers…

Our city has always been known as the cultural capital of south-eastern Mexico.  Mind you, until a few decades ago Mérida alone had a sizable population. Cancun could barely be called a ranchito, and Villa Hermosa looked like a frontier town if you ever saw one. Back in the day, Campeche (yawn-n-n-n) could not be described as a place you’d want to write home about.

Now Mérida is no longer the largest city on the peninsula  (it’s still bigger than Campeche) but culturally, it has them all beat – Hands down in my humble opinion.

Meeting other writers has become a common experience in la ciudad blanca. They write about everything. Mystery, romance, self help, history, memoir, travel and every other genre out there! There are bloggers, playwrights, and poets too.

I am compiling a list of Spanish language writers and English language writers living in the area (full or part time) I will share the names and contacts with the participants and we could use it to distribute information about upcoming conferences, workshops, book releases and signings, open mic locations and the like.

Most writers I know want two things: exposure and information. If you’d like to be in the directory, please send me:

Your full name

Your email address and blog address, if you have one

The language you write in

A short description of what you like to write about

My email is:


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