The Cute Factor

This is what I saw in my pool this morning

A few years ago I watched a PBS documentary that talked about the “cute factor.” This is apparently one of Mother Nature’s wonders… The presenters claimed that all baby animals are born “cute” This is to say they have large eyes, innocent expressions, cuddly bodies… this is genetically programmed so that the mothers and others will be attracted to the defenseless infant and will take care of it.

The little guy needed a rescue

I certainly saw an example of this today. Look at what I found in my pool this morning. It is a baby opossum. The adult version is not even a bit cute… but this? Who could hurt it? I got the pool net, scooped Junior up, and sent him on his way.

I hope he knows the path home…

The Great Escape


Have you read Mexfiles today?
Very interesting… a must read…


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6 responses to “The Cute Factor

  1. Joanna,
    I agree, the Mexfiles post titled (131 + X) > 50% is great coverage. Your link doesn’t seem to be working. It looks like somehow, the words “Very interesting… a must read…” are being picked up at the link.

    Richard Grabman is consistently one of the best writers for insight into Mexican politics, culture and other interesting happenings. Nice to find we share the same interest in his reporting.

    • Thanks, I am going to check my links. Yes Richard is a very savy political commentator… and… he is my editor at “Editotrial Mazatlan” You should read his book Gods, Gauchpines y Gringos. It is a very comprehensive look at Mexican history and is not a difficult read.

      • Fortunately for me, I’ve read both your books and his. Recommended for anyone who wishes to know about and understand about the many facets of Mexico – history and reality today.

        Those who deny there are “Many truths in Mexico” fail to appreciate the subtleties of history’s threads in today’s fabric.

        Or as my dear friend Jorge says, “Even if you see it with your own eyes in Mexico, it might not be true.” 🙂

      • That sounds like something Jorge Castañeda would say. This wonderful suspended state of realism is also called magical / mystical realism and it is very much alive and well in Mexico

  2. This must be the opossum breeding season here. I just discovered that my “maternity ward” is again occupied . I have a hose-storing box which is too difficult to use, and hence…. But these critters have no trouble finding it for nursing their young. Recycling is great, isn’t it,” cuties”?

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