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Yo soy # 132: What do they want?

Many are asking, “What does the ‘Yo soy # 132’ hope to achieve?”

The list is very lengthy, but if you have a close look at it, the demands are actually a petition for the implementation, proper functioning, monitoring and follow-up to resolutions for civil liberties that are already (supposedly) part of the Mexican Constitution and Charter of Rights.

The “Yo Soy #132” group also calls for the abolishment of common practices that allow the unfair advantage in the electoral process.

Finally “Yo Soy #132” proposes parameters for post-election safeguards to protect and improve health, education and other social services.

If you would like to read an English translation of the document, visit the Mexfiles site:


What are the Mexican people saying about the “Yo Soy #132?” In the central part of the country, they are energized and enthusiastic. Here in “the provinces” they are skeptical. They are not close enough to the stove to feel the heat. But I believe the young people will increase the fervor here too.

The bottom line? I believe that the “Yo Soy #132” movement is an important one but the direction it will continue to    take depends on many variables. The biggest threat to the student initiative is the infiltration by provocateurs. And here is where the general public can support the efforts of their youth. We can reject the obvious attempts to discredit or lay blame on the movement for negative actions that will be no doubt occur with frequency in this coming month.

There have already been and will be more accusations that the group promotes violence, coercion and political manipulation. This is simply not true. This is a spontaneous movement. It has not had time to mature; let us hope that truth will prevail and that los muchachos will foster some needed and lasting changes in the electoral process and in the honesty of Mexican political leadership.


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