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A Letter to my Son


Saturday July 23rd: Carlos called this morning and he has an entry about the tragedy on his blog: 



I spoke with you this morning and you sounded so excited and full of life… talking about your wedding that will take place in ten days… about the masters  program you’ve enrolled in at the University of Oslo… your new apartment… and so much other bright, happy news.

Then, half an hour later you called back. “Don’t worry Mom, we’re alright.” The unthinkable had happened in safe, quiet Norway. A bomb had gone off… then later in the day, the news that the madman had attacked a youth camp. My head dropped and I had to wonder what this world is coming to.

Mexico, of course is no stranger to violence. We live with our own demons. But I think this makes us more compassionate to others who are suffering in the same way. My heart goes out to the people of Norway. Violence shakes our foundations. When it touches you, it feels as though your reality is something all together different than you thought it was.

But although you are in shock and reeling from today’s events, the important thing is to go forward with your plans and not let this individual’s craziness destroy any more than he has. The best way to fight negativity is with positive thoughts and actions.  Think about the wonderful times you’ve had and look forward to the many more that are coming your way.

With this post I want to convey my sympathies to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy… you are not alone.

I send love from Merida.



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