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My Mellow Music

My post, “Three Dog Night and Other Delights” elicited a barrage  of e-mails. Such as the one from M.H. who asked, “Tell me it isn’t so; you don’t really like ‘Easy to be Hard’

Actually I don’t have any feelings one way or the other about that song or for any by those other ‘constantly-changing-tempo-in-the-same-song’ groups. No, I like the ballad-singing boys: Leonard Cohen ; (Suzanne) Gordon Lightfoot (Softly), Elton John (Your Song) and, of course, Bob Dylan (Lay Lady Lay)

Then too, I love Cream, Jimi Hendricks, The Moody Blues and the Doors. In fact the last timeJorge and I were in Paris, we went to see Jim Morrison at Pere-LaChaise.

I could never get very interested in the heavier stuff as it came along, but I do have a fond memory of listening to AC/DC, Black Sabbath and KISS at full volume as I rode with a bunch of friends down to the beach.

In the 70s, I was also very into Roberta Flack, Tina Turner and Carol King.

The decade also gave birth to some one-hit-wonders I’ll NEVER EVER get tired of “Midnight at the Oasis” , “Margaritaville”, and “In the Summertime

Forty years later, I have a long list of “new” favorite artists and musical genres but I must confess, the 60s and 70s stuff is still what moves me most! How about you?



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