The Wall

Our  Memory Wall

In our world there are many famous walls: the Vietnam Memorial Wall, The Great Wall of China, and the Walls of Jericho. Some walls are notorious like the former Berlin Wall and the current Wall along the México-USA Border. Ancient civilizations and great manors built walls around themselves to keep invaders out. Prisons have walls to keep people in…

In our house we have lots of walls: the outside one with purple bougainvillea cascading over the top and of course the ones that hold up our roof! But in the guest room we have a Memory Wall.

The Memory Wall is just what its name implies. There are photographs, small souvenirs, bits of art… We often change the pictures or add new ones. Yesterday I spent several hours doing just that.

Some of the wedding pictures have been up for quite a while; we’ll            celebrate our 35th anniversary very soon. And some aren’t even a year old; both our children were married in 2011.

There are little mementoes of trips…

And some of the memories have been given to us by our friends

The oldest photo is of my paternal grandmother, taken in 1917

My parents are both remembered, as are Jorge’s… And we have photos of uncles and aunts like Gisele who will    turn 100 this year… Cousins and old friends…And presiding at center stage is a large reproduction of the Virgen de Guadalupe.

When we have overnight guests, they always say they enjoyed looking at everything on our wall. Do you have a Memory Wall?


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4 responses to “The Wall

  1. That’s lovely, Joanna–for good memories. I like the mix of the personal photos and the souvenirs. (I trust the nightmares are in a closet somewhere.)

  2. Deanna Lagroix

    Joanna, I love your memory wall!! It keeps those people and events with us longer. I, too, have my wall and one of my favourites that I framed is a note written by my grandson, who was about eleven at the time, ” there is only one happiness and that is when you find love at last”….he is now seventeen and it will go to “his wall” when he has one of his own.
    I think, too, that some of those framed memories keep me busy as I look at them and think, “now what year was that?”.
    You have a “great wall” of your own with good ideas for the rest of us.Thanks.

    • You are so right… we need to keep track of our memories! I have something that you may want… I forgot to give you the drawing I did in San Miguel… Next time we see eachother I will do so.

      • By nightmares, you surely mean the awful photographs and tacky-tacky souvenirs… no, they aren’t in the clost, or a shoe box… they are GONE!

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