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Update on the visit with the doctor

Jorge is well on the way to renewed health. The doctor said he could live “vida normal.” He’s still on antibiotics but no longer contagious.

He is however getting pretty frustrated with his low energy level. People like him who are used to coming and going at will don’t deal too well with 10 days of inactivity. But I have faith that my sweet husband will soon be back among us… Enough said

I have a lung infection and am on a new antibiotic. I am still contagious and so cannot get out and about at all. The doc says, “Stay in bed…lots of fluids… take the meds…” which isn’t too much of a stretch because I too have very low energy. But again, I have faith that I’ll rally soon.

I’m frustrated to be missing out on my usual activities: hanging out with my daughter, writers’ group, seeing my friends, concerts, and entertaining visitors from San Miguel Allende… I even miss running errands!

When you are feeling well, you don’t even think about your health, but when you get hit with something like this bug I have… you realize what a blessing it is to wake up and feel ready to take on the day…

Blogging about my woes is a drag and I can’t imagine it is any fun to read either… so I’ll bid you Adios until I have something more interesting to write about.

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News or telenovelas?

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, because I’m laid low with a cold I have been watching lots of TV. This is not a normal pastime for me, and doubtful that it will ever become one. But I must say I have seen a wide variety of programs…

There is music: MTV, Telehit, and the not-to-be-missed: Bandamex. The “cultural” channels offer classical music and concerts from time to time. Of course there are also a wide variety of “American Idol” – type talent search shows.

The telenovela channel is not the only place to see your favorite Spanish      language soap opera… they are on several stations, in some form or another 24-7. (By the way, watching these is an excellent way to learn Spanish , and I’m not kidding…)

Sit-coms are plentiful but the funny ones are pretty much all vintage

Sports, sports, sports – they are well represented. Personally I adhere to my friend Marianne’s philosophy and have no interest in any game that involves a ball.

Sometimes there are movies – mind you, not recently released ones. In fact on Sunday I watched “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford…

Tons of randy doctors on medical shows, clairvoyant vampires teleporting through the Universe, and a guy who whispers to dogs are there for your viewing pleasure.

Religious channels are meant make you feel saintly, especially the program conducted by a nun (in full habit) who is the spitting image of Sister Constance, the principal at my parochial elementary school.

Then there are the News channels. Stay away from them! I warn you… They are way scarier than any of the Detectives vs. The Bad Guys shows or the gruesome horror flicks.

Last night CNN Español’s interviewer Carmen Arestegui had two guests who spoke about the alarming number of drug-related deaths on the American continent. Do you know that 150,000 people have been killed in the period of a year? That is just NOT possible you say. But in fact, it’s true. Corruption, greed, graft, coercion and other nasty business is blamed for the phenomena. But why isn’t anyone pointing a finger at the drug users? If they didn’t buy the stuff, there would be no market, and maybe some of the 150,000 would be alive today.

It is unfathomable to me that the governments of the major user nations are not doing more to stop the demand. I hear so much blah-blah-blah about how they can do very little to prosecute either buyers or sellers – there are too many and they clog up the courts, which need to be kept accessible for more serious cases.  I don’t know about you but I think it is pretty serious to be part of a collective act that contributes to 150,000 peoples’ deaths.

Last fall I had occasion to drive through Vancouver’s east end. The hundreds of stoners were a pitiful sight to see. But sorry, I didn’t feel pity. I wanted to get out of the car and ask them, “Do you know how many people died so that you could do this to yourself?”

Some feel drugs should be legalized and then there would be no drug cartels. I beg to differ… alcohol and cigarettes are legal but you can still buy them for a price at a clandestino – off hours illegal liquor “outlets.”

So, if these Catch-22 scenarios upset you as they do me… be smart and stay away from your TV news! Watch telenovels instead…

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Jorge, Me and the TV

Wondering what this photo is doing here? Read on…

No word from me for the last while…  This cold has laid us flat for a week now… most of the time it’s been just Jorge, me and the TV. I fear this is affecting our brains…

Jorge has ventured down to the school twice; he lasted about half an hour. We both propped one another up and went to Mega for some groceries this afternoon but we struggled to actually finish the job.

Of course we haven’t let anyone get near us; we sure don’t want to pass this nasty thing on…

But I have not been completely inactive… I accomplished one thing today:  I cleaned up my spices and condiments counter. If you have an open shelved kitchen like I do, you know this is important to do every once in a while.

And what did I find that time forgot? Well… I knew it was there, but I finally tossed the cream of tartar with a 1999 expiry date. I’d never opened it (I don’t even know why I had it, because I whip my egg whites without…)  Anyway,  I finally tossed it.

I have more spices in the freezer compartment, and you becha’…  I sorted through all of them too.

I’m sure it is all too clear that I’m anxious to be healthy again and back to some more stimulating activities… I see the doc on Wednesday, let’s see what he says.


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