Got it!

Do you have days when you need to pinch yourself to believe you are really where you are? Saturday turned into such a one for me. Jorge, some of our TTT students and I accompanied the current international group from New Brunswick, Canada to Tahmec, Yucatan. One of the girls said, “This is about as different an experience as I’ve ever had!”

Arriving into town, Don José, who works with us at our college greeted our group and beamed with pride as he showed us his home. Then out to the back of the house… Doña Hermelinda, his wife, and a whole lot of her female relatives quickly had the students  right up to the elbows preparing a traditional lunch: Pavo en Recado Rojo. Once the pot was filled with savory meats and vegetables, it was carried out to the back of the property.

There Don José buried it under hot coals and aromatic leaves where it would cook over the next three hours.  Meanwhile we took advantage of the waiting time to see some local sites… One of the small girls insisted we go to have a look at her mother’s  turkeys. I felt pleased that all the students trekked after her because they realized how important this was to her. From there, the bus took us a colorful cemetery and the ruins at Ake. Very beautiful but so hot!

The ladies knew how tired we’d be and had cold drinks waiting… Then back to see our meal rising out of the earth! Quite a sight…

Home-made tortillas, salsas, guacamole and lots more juices completed our wonderful meal.

As the bus rumbled out of town, one of the students said, “I wish we could go back.” “You’d like to go back and stay in Tahmec?” I enquired. “No, more than that,” he said “I wish the world could go back to that kind of simplicity and gentleness.” I felt very proud of him for his insight… he really “got it.”

At moments like this, it feels so good to be a teacher!


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6 responses to “Got it!

  1. Such a stimulating post, Joanna. Reminds me of a song from THE KING AND I. The song “Getting to know you” has a line: “If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught.”

    I can recall several such moments. One involved my choice to enter the field of public transit, where I learned a tremendous amount about how hard some people work, how rude the USA public can be to public employees and such. In contrast, one day, on a vacation trip to DF., I witnessed a Metro subway car’s break-down. Just as in SF., the supervisor asked the patrons to get back from the car while the repairs were undertaken. But UNLIKE SF, the patrons did just that–there was no screaming at the supervisor, but just a patient wait. This is still one of the things I like best about Mexico–patience is still “in”, and rudeness considered , well, “rude”.

    • Yes, here in Mexico, the saying is, “He who teaches, learns.” I love “hands-on” teaching opportunities but how well I remember the evaluations – ugh! But all in all, teaching is extremely rewarding and FUN!

  2. Yes, there is nothing in the world like being a teacher. Particularly when they “get it.” This is great….thanks for sharing the experience.

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