28… 27… 26…

Maggie & Ricardo

Saturday night, the official countdown began: one lunar cycle… 4 weeks… 28 days until our only daughter’s wedding…

We began preparing a year and a half ago when Ricardo gave Maggie the ring.…  “Have the two of you decided what sort of wedding you want?” I asked Ricardo. “Whatever you and Maggie want,” he answered. Smart, smart boy that Ricardo…

Choosing the venue, booking the band, beginning negotiations with the archdiocese… To make a long story short, let’s just say we found out that getting married in the Church is a many-step procedure.

“What wedding colors do you think would be nice?” Maggie asked her beloved. “What do you mean? Weddings have a special color?”  Sapphire blue, white and silver were clearly the favorite combination. “¡Bello!” said Ricardo. As I’ve said, he’s a quick study indeed…

The ten bridesmaids chose their gowns, Maggie said “YES” to her gorgeous dress. Ada, “the other mother” and I also made our selections. Food, drink, cake, flowers, favors… tents, out-door heaters, table cloths, chairs, cutlery… invitations, music for the Mass…  the decisions have been endless.  Maggie, her maid-of-honor Ana Rosa, Ada and myself have become quite the authorities on all things related to weddings.

But, up until now, we have stressed very little. Actually, we’ve had a lot of fun. There have been two showers so far and two more to come, including the one I’ll throw… with A LOT OF HELP from my friends.

As we get closer to the date, I’ll be increasingly busy entertaining the many out-of-town family and friends, including our son Carlos and his wife Jeanette who are coming from Norway. Her family is also arriving in just a few days time. So if my posting gets sporadic… or even stops altogether… just keep checking in, I’ll be back soon enough.

Photos: The top one is of course, the happy couple. Maggie and Ana Rosa at an F & B tasting, our dressmaker Lidia hard at work, and a couple of photos from the shower last Saturday night…                                                                                                   


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12 responses to “28… 27… 26…

  1. jan

    Joanna, you look radiant as the mother of the bride!! You are one woman in my world of remarkable women who truly has taken life and done something with it. I appreciated your thankful reflections and now as you embark on a new journey with your daughter I only wish you both much cherished companionship and wisdom shared between the two.

    May your day joyous and loving.

    Best wishes…jan rodda

    • Oh thank you Jan. We are having a great time. It is amazing to me how quickly the years have gone by… I hope you and Richard will visit again one day soon. Lots of good bike riding around here! I think of you often…

  2. That’s a really thought-provoking post, Joanna. I did not have children, and I myself chose not to have a “wedding” as opposed to the “civil ceremony.” But in reading your words, I became more aware of the feelings that really loving parents have for their children. Those feelings are some I have as well, even though childless.

    That awareness was last night. This morning, I picked up my latest issue of a magazine about pet birds, and read a wonderful comment–which stated, in effect, that the writer has no children, except her birds and dogs. And she added that this has made her more aware of maternal instincts–e.g., she loves bringing home toys to her kids.

    I had recently excused myself from a gathering, earlier than the others. “Why?” I was asked. My answer–“I have to go home to mis niños.”

    But then, again, Richard has a good point–although I was not actively paid for opting for a tiny ceremony, I’m still sure that my own father appreciated it.

    I so enjoy blogs which make me think. Thanks.

    • Thank you Alinde for your perspective. There are all kinds of families and in many of them, a pet is as important as the rest of the members. Our old cat, Hobbsie has held an cherished place in our family for 12 years. He is rather aloof but we know he loves us. There are many situations that stir maternal, and other positive feelings… Everyone needs to give and receive love. Our family dynamics evolve according to our situations. We facilitate enjoyment and our family’s emotional stability with the things we do for one another, our daily routines and the traditions we establish. It’s all good!

  3. You only have one daughter (and a wonderful one at that), but I can understand why my Aunt Kitty, with four girls, offered them a substantial suborno if they´d just elope 🙂

  4. Deanna Lagroix

    Good News that you’re not stressing and better news, even, that both families are enjoying the preparations together! Your Maggie is well loved and looks so happy as her big day draws nearer. My girls also knew what they wanted and that helped to work out the plans. Your heart will overflow as you look at your wee girl, all grown up……..
    Bless all of you!

    • Thank you so much Deanna, as I said in earlier replies, it is wonderful to receive such positive support from other women who have had lovely experiences with their daughters’ weddings. I am often struck by the fact that being a mother is like belonging to a great big club… we all know how much encouragement we can give… and we do so happily.

  5. Joanna,
    I so happy for you that you are not stressing! I don’t remember stressing – is that my selective memory? or did I really not stress? It is a joyful, wonderful time. Here’s hoping Maggie and Ricardo feel their wedding was “bomba!!” as Andrea and Pierre felt theirs was. Enjoy!

  6. I will be thinking of you, some of my fondest memories with my daughter are of planning her wedding, we laughed and we cried. She has often told me her wedding was all she had hoped and dreamed. Best of luck to you and your family.

    • Thanks so much Sara… it is an experience I am grateful to be sharing with her. My daughter is a great joy to me…

      • All this great advice from experienced mothers-of-the-bride is a balm… we are having such a good time and I keep thinking, “People say I’m supposed to get stressed… but I’m NOT!” It truly is a wonderful time for us all.

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